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2nd Most Likely Legendary Lord to Get Unique Start Position?



  • az88az88 Registered Users Posts: 3,065
    PaulH said:

    Not many more need new locations. I'd offer these up as ideas:

    Azhag = In the north of the World's Edge Mountains
    Grombrindal = Karak Zorn (he's a legendary fellow, they're a legendary hold!)
    Kemmler = Horde that starts in Estalia

    This, basically - except no horde for Kemmler. We've just learnt CA are prepared to add new areas to the map. Kemmler could easily given a hold in the mountains, along with Putrid Sump or Fester Pike for the Skaven faction. That area could use more settlements anyway and the mountains are empty.
  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 26,009
    Azhag, just to keep Ungrim company in the north.

    Which also means that either Dwarfs or Greenskins have to race to confederate with them before one wipes out the other.

  • Ol_NessieOl_Nessie Registered Users Posts: 4,158
    Azhag is the next best candidate, hands down. Putting him with the Red Eyes (traditionally a Night Goblin tribe) would probably be the easiest solution but not quite the best imo. I could maybe see a scenario where he starts off homeless, but not a horde. So he has to conquer somewhere quickly to get up and running before he runs out of funds/teef. Not sure that would work too well though, would require some built in assurances that he could come back.

    As for others, Grombrindal is fine where he is. Karaz-a-Karak is the most logical start place for him. I do think one of the contestants for K8P should start there, probably Queek as his debuffs for not having it don't really incentivize him to go for it like Belegar or Skarsnik.
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  • HeinzuHeinzu Registered Users Posts: 916
    Moving Azhag away makes sence. I have never liked his cooperation with Grimgor.
  • ScionOfTheEmperorScionOfTheEmperor Registered Users Posts: 229
    My choices would be:
    Azhag: Mount Red Eye (Karak Ungor)
    Grombrindal: Karak Zorn
    Kemmler: near Bretonnia and Estalia
    Khazrak & Morghur: Switched positions and Factions Split
    Boris Todbringer: made a Full LL and placed in Middenheim.
    Tretch Craventail: Mount Crookback (In Warhammer III)

    As for any New Lords:
    Ikkit Claw: Skavenblight
    Thanquol: Hell Pit
    Eltharion the Grim: The Badlands
    Tehenhauin: Northern Lustria near the Vampire Coast
    Gor-Rok: Itza
    Malus Darkblade: Troll Fjord, Norsca
    The Golden Magus: Copher
    Borgio the Besieger: Miragliano
    Tzarina Katarina Bokha: Kislev
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,971
    You cannot put Grombrindal in Karak Zorn.

    Queek is like RIGHT THERE, and it's already a slaugherfest with the tomb kings, the arachnos, and the dwarfs there. Adding another LL into that area would oversaturate the hell out of it.

    As for Eltharion... don't think that would work well. Elves and the badlands don't mix very well. Honestly Naggarond should be "unpleasant" even for Dark Elves. God knows their slave economy would MORE than compensate for it.
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