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RomulandawgRomulandawg Registered Users Posts: 10
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Battle Feedback
CA Please let minotaurs hide in forest, it greatly limits their inclusion in beastmen ambushes... and it just would make sense, beastmen=can hide in forest ...they dont have a forest penalty but yet cant hide in forest, which negates some of that bonus...since you wont be surprising anyone in a forest with them, allowing opponent to counter.... but in all just makes the game more dynamic, fun and interesting.. we all want giant angry cows charging from the forest to surprise unsuspecting humies..
so i beg this of you, CA ... Please let minos hide in forest... its what the world wants, please give it to the people!!

P.S. in 10 days it will also be my birthday, all i want is minos to have the ability to hide in forest :blush: ...and that would make my day and as well lighten the hearts of many in the community as well..

again please CA.... i beg this of you.....
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