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My GTX1060 6GB has some issue with Thrones of Britannia

lbsss2850439lbsss2850439 Posts: 6Registered Users
Dear Almighty CA

I meet two problem for my GTX1060 6GB with Thrones of Britannia

1.latest Geforce Game Ready Drive can't identify latest Thrones of Britannia automatically

Geforce Game Ready Drive 397.93 releast in 05/24/2018

Thrones of Britannia build is V1.0.0 Build 11578. 1381861

Thrones of Britannia icon is disappear in Geforce Game Ready Drive (two weeks ago I remember Thrones' icon is there, I search all my disk, but Geforce still can't identify it), I have to manually turn on GTX1060

if I not manually turn on GTX1060, it will choose to use my intel 530 video card

it is not a big problem for me, but if not deal with it, I afraid will cause doubt to other players.

2.my GTX1060 6GB can only identify 3GB for Thrones of Britannia

Warhammer1&2 can identify my GTX1060 6GB nicely

Will this be improved in future ?


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