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User Info RequiredPost Resurgence update - Black screen / hard crash.

Captain_Ahab#7266Captain_Ahab#7266 Registered Users Posts: 10
edited June 2018 in Crashes
Since the Resurgence update I have been experiencing constant hard crashes playing Warhammer 2 campaigns.

The game will be running smoothly with no problems then within 5mins to 30mins my screen will go black. Sometimes the screen just goes black but can still hear the game audio and even talk to my coop buddy in discord. The only way to get out of the black screen as far as I'm aware is to reboot my PC. Other times the audio will glitch making a buzzsaw noise while the screen goes black then reboots all by itself after a few seconds.

I've tried playing without mods
I've tried updating and reinstalling my driver.
I've tried verifying the game cache.
I've tried reinstalling the game.
I've tried optimizing the graphics with Nvidia Geforce.
I've tried lowering the graphics to the lowest possible specs.

None of these have worked or have made any difference.
I'm tapped out! This is the only game I own that is having these problems and I have no clue what to do or how to fix it. Please help! I wanna play this game so bad! :(

Here are my specs.
Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 - 2700k CPU @ 3.50GHz
RAM - 16.0GB
System Type - 64-bit operating system
Graphics Carp - GTX 980ti
Operating System - Windows 7

I'm not super tech savy so if you need any more information just lemme know.

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  • Shieldhero90Shieldhero90 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,053
    Hi @Captain_Ahab

    Would it be possible for you to provide us with the following files to investigate further:

    Minidump Crash files
    Save Files where the crash occur's
    Preference Script

    If you are having issues finding these files, please refer to the link below:


    Kind Regards,

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  • Captain_Ahab#7266Captain_Ahab#7266 Registered Users Posts: 10

    Here are most of the files you asked for. Mind you they are from a modded campaign. But playing without mods doesn't make a difference. I also can't seem to be able to attach save files. Compressing them into a zip file just makes it fail to upload.

    Since my last post, I downloaded a program called Driver Support which updated a bunch of out of date system drivers. I also downloaded a program called EVGA Precision XO to monitor my pc's temperature and increase my fan speed. I thought I had fixed the problem and was able to play Warhammer Total War 2 for about 3 hours but then the dreaded black screen re-appeared and rebooted my PC and now it happens all the time just as it did before. Can't seem to go longer than 5-15 minutes without my PC getting the black screen and rebooting. GPU temperatures sit around 60/70 degrees C. No clue what to do at this point. :(
  • Captain_Ahab#7266Captain_Ahab#7266 Registered Users Posts: 10
    So it would seem that I get this issue when playing Warhammer Vermintide II as well. So the issue is most likely hardware/software and not the game itself.

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