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A minor request

DarkLordDDarkLordD Registered Users Posts: 2,579
Hello everyone,

I have 1 small little thing I would like to see 'fixed' in the game.

I know its very minor but I would like to see it changed anyways.

Upgrading cities (main chain building) sometimes cause the buildings already existing in a city, to change slots. So for example. You have a normal major city, 8 city slots to build in and when you build for example a wall in slot one and after you upgrade your main city it can suddenly move to another slot.

Again, I know its minor, but I like to have order in my games and that means I build my city a certain way. Slot one is ALWAYS garrison (expect for my main military cities, those serve as capitals for an area in my gameplays) and I like to keep it neat. But every time this happens, all buildings move random to other slots, and I demolish everything and start over.

THose small little things, can be annoying to some. It just doesn't feel right if they are moving slots. I like to build in a certain order, and my special military cities have a unique way the buildings are represented. That way I can easy see with city is ment for what, well atleast for me, this is my own way of organizing everything.

Please, fix this :) !

Thank you.
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