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Emmm Making mod? Need help ;/

AFTATARAFTATAR Registered Users Posts: 1
My name is Ignacy and I like the Total War series, which I play almost every day.
One day I thought to create a fashion for Rome 2, it would be from the beginning until the fall of Rome.
We could choose different factions they would of course have everything differently but I assume that then I would add it first would be Rome which they could play from Romulus to the fall of the western or eastern empire myself do not know.
But most of all in this fashion I wants to add:
new units:
warrant officer units which adds +15 to morale, scouts who can discover hidden units, etc.
historical events, e. g. Patricians demand that marriages between patricians and plebiscites be banned.
We have 2 possibilities 1. to ban such marriages we will get + 10 influences from senators but secession of presbyters will erupt (rebellion) or 2. to deny them, -10 influences from senators but +5 from influences from plebeians.
influence in the senate and the state
Better diplomacy is needed to send diplomatic proposals. More diplomatic elections: Pax Romanus etc.
the election of governors who will govern the province for us, will pay us every 7 rounds of tax
new design of craft
more buildings: senate-?, hospital- faster regeneration of units, temples-? etc
Expanded technology tree e. g. right 12 boards +15 satisfaction to all cities, Reformation army unlocked buildings to recruit, giving food to the citizens of Rome +10 to satisfy all cities, anyone can become a citizen of Rome +20 to the population of any city
national goals: when Hannibal will be almost in Rome, Hannibal Ad Portas! addition of 5 hastati units, 4 horse units, 5 procar units and 6 militia units
We will starve them to death! We will build a wall around the Avenue, we will starve them for hunger in the city!
Where are the eagles? - boost to fight barbarians!
Of course, they have to meet certain conditions in order to meet them.
Noi probably so much . . .

But there is a very big problem which saddens me very much - I'm green in modelling. . .
I know I'm sure you'll write, "If you don't know what to do with fashion, why do you want to do it with fashion?
But I want to try, but I need a lot of support and help, that's why he writes this post, looks for a group of people who will explain the basics of modelling to me or will create with me.
Unfortunately I can't offer beauty, but I can offer a big thank you etc.

Thank you for all the offers of help :)

I apologize for all the language mistakes because there may be a lot of them here ...


  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    edited June 2018

    Ave, and welcome. It's truly admirable that you want to create content for Rome II. However, it's important to keep in mind that making mods is a very challenging endeavor. Even a relatively small modification may take up a few weeks to complete, and may require some substantial experience.

    My personal suggestion to you would be to get the Rome II Assembly kit and mess around with it. (you can check here for more details how you can download it: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/175152/where-do-i-download-the-assembly-kit) Start small, don't go too far, or you will be burned out in no time.

    More importantly, if you like modelling, I would recommend that you download free 3D modelling software and start your daily drills. Stay clear off commercial 3D modelling software as you are not going to need it, as it is mostly for folks who run a studio for a living. When you get good enough at modelling, or tweaking Rome II in general, see if you can join someone's modding team.

    With 3D modelling skills, you will not only be able to create new content for the game most of us including myself have come to love, but you will also acquire a quite valuable skill as well. Not to mention if you really get into scripting and coding.

    However, I will have to come clean here and say that I am personally not a modder, so you may want to heed advice of folks who do mods and have experience with it.

    Kind Regards,
    Good luck with your endeavors!

    My personal favorite Total War games chart:
    I. Attila
    II. Rome II
    III. Napoleon
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