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Campaign : More than 2 players please !

TvBiscotteTvBiscotte Posts: 1Registered Users
Hey guys ! I bought the game with every DLC's to play with a friend. After that, my cousin also bought the game but we cant play a campaign as 3.

I dont really know why we can only play as 2, but this is disapointing. This game is a real pleasure, but sometimes we cant just play this game cause we want to play all together (as 3) but we cant. (the battle mode is not that fun compared to the campaign)

This is why i'm posting there today. I hope one day it'll be possible to play as 3 or 4 in campaigns, to play with friends, and why not with the viewers of my stream ?

If not, can someone give me a good reason for the devs to block at 2 players, which is bad :neutral:

Cya !


  • kilijankilijan Junior Member Posts: 470Registered Users
    They acknowledged that many people want this in the game but it is a major rewrite of the way the engine works so it is not a trivial thing. I believe they said it was something that might happen from a major title release. I don't think we'll see it in warhammer 3 as they don't seem too interested in changing the game engine and instead adding new races, maps, and mechanics. Maybe 3 kingdoms?
  • UgandaJimUgandaJim Posts: 204Registered Users
    yes pls. 4 player coop in game 3 would be perfect!
  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Posts: 3,919Registered Users
    edited June 2018
    People want 8 player campaign since medieval 2, just do it CA.
  • ZercaZerca Posts: 58Registered Users
    I think, this problem is not "undoable". I can imagine that the map is too small for more than 2 big empires ruling the world, but as I could imagine, Warhammer 3 "mortal Empires" definetly would be big enough to hold more than 2 players.

    If I imagine the possibilities for streaming or youtube shows, tournaments on big scale (4vs 4). This game would starts to get more attention than it ever had.

    They should really consider to increase the player count. At the moment it is "okay" to play just with one friend. but how should I convince my others to buy this game if we can't play it together?
  • UgandaJimUgandaJim Posts: 204Registered Users
    Exactly. There are more then enough concepts for decreasing turn times. But CA simply doesnt want to. I doubt its that ressouce hungry to impülement it.

    Cost benefit for the game and more important the community would be great.
  • AltarielAltariel Posts: 130Registered Users
  • ClusterNLClusterNL Posts: 18Registered Users

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