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What is cultural equilibrium?

TheEmperorTheEmperor Senior MemberPosts: 581Registered Users
I have seen this as a factor to certain things such as tribute for the Vikings Sea Kings. What is it exactly?


  • SkyjackSkyjack Posts: 78Registered Users
    Good question. So much goes unexplained.
  • MetalC0MmanderMetalC0Mmander Posts: 45Registered Users
    That's just the value decreasing over time. It's slightly different for war fervour where it's about the value going back to zero at the speed of one point per-turn.
  • SkyjackSkyjack Posts: 78Registered Users
    Right but what IS it?
  • MetalC0MmanderMetalC0Mmander Posts: 45Registered Users
    Administrative cost? I don't know.

    And if what you want to know is the exact value loss then I'm not sure but I think it's -1 per turn unless you already have 75 points or more in which case it adds a -2. That's the same for every factions mechanic that goes to 100. In the case of the Great Viking Armies the lowest Here King value instead drops at a rate of -1 per 4 turns unless the difference in between the two 15 or greater at which point it's -2 per 4 turns.
  • HavieHavie Posts: 43Registered Users
    I've always wondered what this was as well.
  • HavieHavie Posts: 43Registered Users
    I've heard its a balancing mechanism, basically a decay factor so the player can't just sit at max legitimacy/heroism/tribute etc. forever
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