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Suggestions for modding

uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 4,437
Hello, @CA_Duck @CA_TimM

I was wondering about a few things that could be useful for new features and mod debugging

- could the unit limitation property not be included into the land_units datatable in the future? Currently editing a unit disponibily is not compatible with any changes on the other parameters.

- could there be a functon to force army/settlement to be visible in scripts ? The current shortcut is to increase agent view range and to tag regions as revealed, because only removing the shroud doesn't achieve this.

- afaik you can abort a quest with scripts but you can't make it considered completed. Some quests have been broken for quite a long time, I understand it's difficult to foresee all cases, but it's not even possible to mod a solution that would let people "skip" steps that can't be completed.

- having the upkeep penalty value be culture based instead of just present or absent.

- finally victory conditions that could be modified through scripting would be a HUGE feature. It would avoid editing the ubiquitous start position file and allow the creation of dynamic campaigns with variables objectives.


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