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User Info RequiredGiving Move Order to Multiple Groups After Battle Start -> Some Ignore Order

FoefirelordFoefirelord Registered Users Posts: 53
edited June 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
I just started playing on Hard difficulty and trying out different Skaven lords. The increased difficulty means I'm more cautious and constantly attempting ambushes (and Tretch ambushes simply by attacking).

So I've been regularly fighting ambush battles and positioning my troops on either side of the ambushed enemy forces, grouping them up, and then giving a move order to the center of the area where enemy troops are located immediately after starting the battle.

This results, repeatedly, with various army configurations and different lords, in the same situation: some of the groups simply ignore the move order.

This makes it really tough to properly capitalize on ambush battles, since one of the groups just remains idle for some reason, while the others engage.

I've now witnessed this scenario on multiple different ambush battle maps, so it doesn't appear to be a specific terrain or pathing issue but rather one of a group of units simply ignoring or instantly forgetting the move order.

Game Version: Latest Steam version as of 6/18/2018
Campaign Type: Both Vortex and Mortal Empires

  1. Initiate an ambush battle against an enemy AI army on the campaign map (via either Ambush or Stalking Stance).
  2. Position troops on both sides of the enemy army.
  3. Group troops into several groups (at least three) while leaving some units ungrouped.
  4. Select ALL units (groups and ungrouped).
  5. Start the battle.
  6. Issue a move order on the ground near the ambushed army.
  7. Observe as at least one group of your units either ignores or instantly forgets the move order and remains idle.

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  • Shieldhero90Shieldhero90 Creative Assembly Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,053
    Hi @Foefirelord

    For us to investigate this issue further could you please provide us two things, a Battle_Replay of this occurring and also your modified log file.

    Kind Regards,

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