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Mongol Invasion?

Warlord_Lu_BuWarlord_Lu_Bu Posts: 618Registered Users
Greetings all

I know this game is now considered... a little old, compared to all the new total wars, especially with Three Kingdoms on the way! but... I was curious if CA would have considered Reviving Shogun 2 a little... by.... allowing... a Mongol Invasion Expansion?

A new game on PS4 called the Ghost of Tsushima

Has me a little tilted... and I would like the opportunity to utterly destroy the Samurai and expand the magnificent empire of the Khagan, Khubilai Khan!

^ from shogun 1

Anyone else interested? ^________________________________________________________^
"I am the punishment of Tengri, if you had not sinned, he would not have sent me against you." - Chenghis Khan


  • KwistKwist Posts: 39Registered Users
    edited August 28
    I think that Shogun 2 is similair to Three Kingdoms. Devs should release some Dlc (Imagawa Clan) to this game to take popularity before Three Kingdoms debut. I also want to see Crossbow Ashigaru from first Shogun. Mongol Invasion and also Samurai Invasion in Korea are very good and interesting ideas.

    Also they definitely should release historical battle of Kawagoe castle from Gamestop pre-order.
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