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Settlement type stays orc for Karak Eight Peaks..... why?

dvoss1126dvoss1126 Posts: 1Registered Users
I am not sure if this has been brought up before but this is something that is (personally) a glaring issue. I love Belegar Ironhammer, he's my favorite lord and he's a blast to play albeit extremely tough especially on legendary. You go through so much trouble to retake Karak Eight Peaks only to not tear down the ramshackle wooden orc statues that dot your walls. I feel like its an easy fix because even if you raze the settlement to the ground and rebuild it still remains orcish. I get that a dark elf should not be able to turn a dwarf settlement into their own racial city, but dwarf to orc and vice versa should be extremely easy to achieve and it adds a semblance of realism I would extremely enjoy. In the meantime is there a mod that does this? I really do not want Karak Eight Peaks to be an orcish settlement as the entire campaign is devoted to rooting out the greenskins that hold your ancestral homeland (but nah lets keep their stuff up guys). End of the rant


  • ThaneMurthor12ThaneMurthor12 Posts: 489Registered Users
    If the settlement is has any sort of corruption it can cause the settlement to look greenskin like, because when corruption is high in dwarven settlements the monuments and stonework changes to look broken and worn down. I found that the best way to fix this issue is get corruption to a low level if not eradicate it entirely and then save the game and then reload it, that or fight a battle from the campaign map yourself, because it has to reload the campaign map after the battle is finished.
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