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Weather in Wexford

martinmacmartinmac Posts: 2Registered Users
So I'm quite enjoying Thrones of Britannia, overall. There's some nice touches, but one thing that's driving me mad is the weather.

In my current campaign I'm a long way in, conquered all of Ireland, most of Scotland and bits of Wales with Mide and I'm getting ready to give England a good hard kicking - it's a happy distraction from Ireland missing the World Cup :p

But the weather in Wexford (Veisafjordr) is driving me crazy. Every fourth or fifth turn the whole city is getting devastated (floods, storms, lightning) wrecking all the buildings.

I'm Irish, so I know our weather can be a bit inclement - the mizzle can reduce anything to a muddy mush - but this is crazy. Wexford is basically uninhabitable. It doesn't make sense.

Weather incidents seem to happen far too often in the game. IMHO.


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