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how to play a custom map made by me in attila total war game?

rafabslu1986rafabslu1986 Registered Users Posts: 2
I created a custom map in TED. But the map does not appear in the list of maps in custom battles.
I followed the tutorial from a steam member. (Doomon15 TED tutorial on total war forum's)

After creating the custom map, I copied the .pack file created in TED to the assembly_kit / retail / data folder.

I pasted in the folder data in the main directory of the game attila total war.
After launching the game in mod manager the file appears. The mod manager shows a warning "the folowng mod are enable, is outdated"
But the game normally run.

But in the custom battle in the game, the map does not appear.

Someone could help me. Thank's for the attention.


  • emptyyyyyyemptyyyyyy Registered Users Posts: 4
    When you exported the map you mightve checked something wrong, this should be under Land Battles and siege ones are under City Assault,
  • rafabslu1986rafabslu1986 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi guys.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did not find the option to export the map. Only the option to export the battle setup.
    But there is an option under the file menu "save as the battlefield." I believe it is there that u meant. But it has the option "map type" and "battle type". I selected as land battle like this in the following image.

    Actually when exporting map, the TED console, shows the following errors.

    I'm confused about these warnings.

    But even with these errors, TED exports the map in .pack format.
    This file is available in the data folder as below.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • AhorsyAhorsy Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi Rafa I was in the same situation but in different circunstances, I have saved the battlefield as you did but my fault was that I never put the pack files into the data file of Attilla so I never though about it cause I suppoused that BOB also take care about transfer the map packs into the Attilla´s data file.

    Well now I can play my own maps thanks to your post, so now lets see about your circunstances as I can see the only fact that is different is the option at the TOTAL WAR LAUNCHER that says:


    This option is just below of the WORKSHOP button in the TOTAL WAR Launcher if you activate that option it could be the solution for you, I hope.

    Check it and tell me how it go and thank you for your post it helps me a lot.
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