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SolvedIssue with scaling objects in TEd

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So I message support team about this and they redirected me to here. To avoid writing everything from the scratch Ill just copy paste the message I sent them there in here as it explains the issue.

Hey, I've been making maps for Attila TW for a while now and uploading them to workshop. The thing is, TEd for Attila seems like it lacks a bunch of stuff that Warhammer one has. There are a lot of bugs that can be ignored but one thing that makes no sense is why does Scale tool not work. It is a pretty important one, so far only way to get an effect of bigger model is stacking one on top of the another which causes clipping and looks bad ingame. It would be pretty nice if you could address this issue and update the tool. With progressive development of Rise of Mordor mod a lot of people are getting hooked up on modding and map making in particular so this would help us out and make for even cooler map designs. There are other things that could be improved on but are not really that important.
One more thing, it would be helpful if one of the devs could spare some free time and show us how to correctly make walls since AI has some issue with it most of the time. Thanks in advance.

To add there are 3 sections that include scaling, one is when you are placing an object hold alt and drag mouse around to resize it, it can only go larger than its original size but its only visual as you place it on the map its regular size, then there is selection mode (scale) which basically does nothing as Ive tried pressing every button in attempt to scale the object and nothing happened. And finally a 3rd way Ive found that when you place an object then check the external menu where objects are listed, expand the object you want, there is a (building piece) it has an xyz option for scaling, it scales but as soon as map is exported, tile is reloaded (or changed), or TEd is restarted objects return to their normal size.

Is there a way to put a quick patch and make this work or is Attila just not meant to support this option? Or am I missing something. Anyhow Id appreciate if someone could help me out with this. Thansk.
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