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System requirements

sethvzlasethvzla Posts: 1Registered Users
I have a laptop. i7-7700HQ, 2,8 GHZ, 8 GB ram, Nvidia geforce 1050 4 gb.
Why I can´t run the game with max graphic options? just medium
I´ve tried to run it just with the integrated Intel graphic card and it´s the same, just medium level of graphics.
I had a laptop buyed in 2006 and I could run the game with better graphics than in this one.
Anyone knows what I´m doing wrong please?


  • BullczBullcz Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hello, I have also this problem, some advice?
  • CowPlum115CowPlum115 Posts: 7Registered Users
    If you are referring to high and very high being greyed out then follow these steps.

    Firstly you can try reinstalling the game as this often works, if not then:

    Search in windows for: %appdata%

    This should bring you to the folder "Roaming" ( Users > "name" > AppData > Roaming ).

    Click "The Creative Assembly" > Empire > scripts.

    Click the "preferences.script"

    find gfx_video_memory 0

    change to gfx_video_memory 536870912

    Save preferences.script

    This should fix the issue. I wouldn’t try using intel integrated graphics as this is often the thing that’s starts it off
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