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Kim un mods

likesmilelikesmile Registered Users Posts: 40
Why are the mods all of a sudden nazis?

” AnOTheR TrsH ThREAd. CLosED”

You’re all cucks


  • TyrionLamperougeTyrionLamperouge Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 268
    The mod normally do a really good job so is a bad idea to bash them when they do this for free and hve to deal with tons of trolls (altough i think that some times some discussions are moved when they could be in the general discussion).
  • Michael4537Michael4537 Registered Users Posts: 2,376
    I would think it has something to do with everyone talking about how there won't be another Lord Pack until next year, resulting in many threads closed (due to there being just too many about the same thing) or moved. I don't necessarily agree with every specific closure or moving, but they do a good job consolidating discussions, moving topics to appropriate threads, and eliminating irritating and unhelpful bickering and bashing.
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