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User Info RequiredGame crashes loading to campaign from battle

zozomanzozoman Posts: 2Registered Users
edited September 2018 in Crashes

I just bought Total War: Warhammer 2 and I am experiencing game crashes when loading into my campaign. This started happening after I won my battle against the AI. After the battle was won and I was loading back to the campaign my game crashed. Whenever I tried to relaunch the game and continue the game would crash again.

I have deleted the Warhammer folder from my appdata, and that works until I engage in that battle again. Once I fight the AI in that battle and load out my game crashes. The crash seems to be from this battle.

Attached are the dump files.

a. dxdiag attached
b. desktop
c. preferences.script attached
d. minidump file. It had to be zipped, otherwise it was failing to attach.

I also included my autosave. You will be able to load the game, but once you engage Kilana with Caledor's Repose and load out of the battle the game will crash.

You can simply load into the battle and concede defeat as well. Just as long as the loading is triggered, then the crash happens.

I did notice that if I do auto-resolve the game doesn't crash. I imagine this has to do with the game not loading into battle and back to the campaign.

Thanks for the help!
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