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"Character Tab" question, maybe a bug Please help me.

phazer1980phazer1980 Registered Users Posts: 35
Hello. I have looked everywhere on the net for the answer to this question.
When look at the "Character Tab" (for example a general/ governor) with his skill tree, household etc.) where do I see if he belongs to "other nobles" or my family? I can't find it anywhere, I have to note his name go back and find him in the "faction tab" to find out. Clicking "see family tree" just does the same thing, shows faction tab where I have to search for him manually. Can't I see if he belong to "other nobles" or my family in the Character Tab? When I recruit or exchange generals or governors I can "other nobles" or for example " Easter Roman Empire" (=my family). So how to I that without leaving the "Character Tab"?

This issue greatly diminishes my enjoyment of my favorite game, makings manage factional politics very cumbersome.

Thank in advance

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