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Tomb King Anti Large Options

DerpmaidenDerpmaiden Posts: 67Registered Users
What's the current best anti large option TK have? Necrosphynx is obviously very powerful but far from the powerhouse they used to be before their nerf. Necropolis knights seems overpriced for what they offer, I feel that their HP pool of only 288 per entitiy is too low, dragon orgre and skin wolf have 616 and 309 in comparison. Maybe I'm using them wrong so any suggestion on how to utilize them is welcomed. The stalkers' range damage is not very impressive, I don't have much luck using them either. Thank you for all help in advance.


  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,449Registered Users
    I don't know about a single 'best' AL (anti-large) option. But TK have plenty of very solid choices. Settra on horseback with 2 tomb princes on horse is a pretty nice AL leadership combo and guardian synergises nicely with the 44% phys resist spell from Nehekara. RoR Sphinx is usually worth taking, and bone giants are decent AL also (but pants vs artillery for some reason). Tomb Guards with halberds and skele spears are an excellent and cost efficient mainline AL setup too. Really TKs AL options are all pretty darn good!
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  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Posts: 1,365Registered Users
    edited July 2018
    Necrosphinx even after nerf beats almost anything shy of a Dragon Ogre. Take one for your offensive anti-large to hunt their large units. Bone Giants perform offensively well vs large.

    Tomb Princes and Tomb Guard are solid protection from large for the rest of your formation, depending on what the rest of your build is.

    I agree that I find Necropolis Knights over priced. But all their other anti large ranges from decent to enormously cost efficient.
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  • GeneralConfusionGeneralConfusion Posts: 709Registered Users
    edited July 2018
    Supulchral Stalkers are actually pretty good; that short-ranged AP attack is like throwing axes on steroids, it rips down monsters very quickly so long as they're tangled up with something.
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,449Registered Users
    Yeah I've seen SS do some work before too. I think its really only necropolis knights that are underwhelming.
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)

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