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Official Ancestral Update issues thread



  • ross42899ross42899 Registered Users Posts: 25
    edited July 2018
    It's not a real bug, but for some reason the children of my family don't share their father's family name but seem to use random names?

    For example the father is called "Lucius Julius Libo" and his sons are called "Decimus Aburius Caepo" and "Iullus Maelius Nero". Shouldn't his sons be called "Decimus Julius Caepo" and Iullus Julius Nero" instead? I was under the impression that the second/middle name in a Roman name is always their family name. So all male offspring should share their middle (family) name with their father. Feels a bit weird to have random names attached to them.

    Also unfortunately Roman Centurions still don't wear greaves and Phalerae. :/

    Ah and one more thing: I attached and agent to an army and for some reason the agent and the army General seemed to share their household? When I changed the agent's household character, the household character of the General did change too? Feels very weird.

  • hunter_pt77hunter_pt77 Registered Users Posts: 102
    edited July 2018
    CA CAI needs some update enemy armies steal attack other armies or towns when they are in disadvantage, also BAI completely suicide their cavalry and general when attacking unwalled settlements, cavalry should wait for infantry to engage first and then attack also they should have reserves on the back to protect the flanks.

  • Sughdian WarriorSughdian Warrior Registered Users Posts: 187
    Thanks for all the fixes, there is an AI bug though, that keeps bothering me every campaign. I've played about 2K hours, so that's a lot of bothering.
    The problem is that AI attacks one of my smaller satraps and when I join war with ally, the AI sues for peace immediately the next turn and is ready to pay a lot of money. It also is an exploit.
    Can the AI please take into account the power of the satrap overlord/military allies/defensive allies before attacking a faction? That would make campaigns A LOT better.
  • motiv_8motiv_8 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've encountered a bug in which blocks of shadows on the campaign map as well as in the backgrounds of character portraits flicker constantly. I narrowed down the trigger to having the Shadows setting on any level above Low while SLI is enabled.

  • Apophis_goauldApophis_goauld Registered Users Posts: 2
    I don't know, if we are supposed to send language/translation bugs here (i don't know, if language packs are fully corrected yet), but I've encountered some bugs in czech translation of the game..

    At first, there are some missing translations (similar to the problem "Leonb" mentioned earlier in this thread in Russian translation).. So far I found some missing titles in new options in main menu (strangely, "tooltips" for that missing parts are shown correctly) and some new skills (mainly for agents) have missing text too (in that, they are simply missing - similar to situation, when one uses a mod without proper language file).. It seems strange to me mainly because most of newly added stuff has propper translations (and therefore it's mainly exeptions)..

    And last (but not least), I found "translation continuity" error in tooltips in intriques on character politics screen. In tooltips, "cunning" is translated as "rafinovanost", while before it was translated as "důvtip" (which is in my opinion more accurate translation). So, in czech language mutation of game, there are two terms for same thing used ("důvtip" for older translations and "rafinovanost" for newer), which may be confusing for players...
  • hunter_pt77hunter_pt77 Registered Users Posts: 102
    edited July 2018
    Replay of suiciding Generals and cavalry with very poor attacking AI in unwalled settlements.
  • Fatmonkey648Fatmonkey648 Registered Users Posts: 5
    during a defensive battle between me Octavius and The attacking force of Pompeii, only two of the enemies units bothered landing the rest just sat still in the channel doing nothing, i fast forwarded the time and nothing happened until the battle timer timed out and i won? please see the screenshot below nothing changed for the remaining 40 odd minutes.
  • sebihosusebihosu Registered Users Posts: 5
    So, I've spotted an issue with the family tree.

    First playthrough - Grand Campaign. My family got old quick and by the time I realised I have to marry them off to get kids. (I suspected marriage would be easy like in the previous Power and Politics build, or characters would get married automatically like in Shogun or Attila)

    At this point, they were too old to have kids and since didn't want to see what happens when my dynasty dies out, I started adopting. I only had older people to adopt also.

    Anyway, at one point My Faction leader and his brother (the Heir) died at the end of the same round and one of my adoptees became faction leader. At this point, The faction leader showed up two times on "different levels" of the family tree with the spouse. I tried to screenshot it, but it didn't work somehow. On two different routes, the same couple was shown with the same (adopted) kids.

    Another fishy thing is that later, among "Other Nobles" an Egyptian woman appeared even though I am playing as the Seleucids and all other character models are Greek. This may be intentional. I adopted her. Cleopatra Theo is her name.

    Just as a bit of feedback:

    Some stronger indication of which character is the selected one on the character panel would be great. That faint beige in the background is hard to spot. The Other Nobels thing is a little confusing. And I don't understand why I can't adopt people from other main noble families, as until now. Also, political marriages are very hard to come by and impossible to plan.

    Oh, and every time I order someone to get married so that they have kids while they are young, a pop-up appears that someone "came of age". That pop-up should only show up when an underaged child which is already in the family tree grows up. Not every time a random spouse is generated.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks! The optimisations and graphical updates are amazing! Still having so much fun with my favourite TW title!


  • ToxophilusToxophilus Registered Users Posts: 2
    I'm having a similar issue to Sir_Koopaman with the campaign map slowing *significantly* after 20 turns or so, but my game doesn't crash all the time.

    It's fixed by either saving and exiting to menu, or just restarting the game. Almost sounds like a memory leak.

    It's also of note that if I wiggle the camera around a little bit, the FPS jumps back up.

    Battle maps are actually working better now than before but I haven't had a massive two stack fight yet. (I also like the four man deep change it let's me micro better, but I realize it's a big change).
  • ivanculaivancula Registered Users Posts: 12
    Just a minor bug, look at the loot text repeating three times (in every selectable option).

  • Arthas_Menethil#3421Arthas_Menethil#3421 Registered Users Posts: 7,486
    edited July 2018

    Here is a better view of the "fog" line

    That white fog looks like the Vanguard Deployment thing that stops the player from deploying units too close to the enemy.

    Edit this is most certainly Vanguard Deployment

    So...the Light's vaunted justice has finally arrived. Shall I lay down Frostmourne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?

  • William_1992William_1992 Registered Users Posts: 3

    Please give the opportunity to make the construction of the testudo wider and remove the possibility of burning the bronze gates with torches and give all the walls to you very much, I wait five years for such changes(google translate)
  • FlaicaFlaica Registered Users Posts: 1
    I am having trouble playing the ancestral beta, I have already canceled the beta, I validated the game data later and vice versa, I have already rebooted the steam, uninstalled the mods and nothing dumb.
  • PolyperchonPolyperchon Registered Users Posts: 7
    Flaica said:

    I am having trouble playing the ancestral beta, I have already canceled the beta, I validated the game data later and vice versa, I have already rebooted the steam, uninstalled the mods and nothing dumb.

    If you're getting "failed to initialize steam, are you running steam" try restarting your computer after downloading the Beta. Worked for me.
  • epic_159733291743pNW69QBepic_159733291743pNW69QB Registered Users Posts: 45
    A couple of things I noticed:
    -When arranging a character marriage, a pop up for "Coming of Age" for that character's new spouse occurs. Is that a bug, or is it intentional? If intentional, perhaps a different pop up, say "Family Extension" or some sort can replace it?

    -One of my characters has silver tongued his way into me gaining two settlements in two turns from Athens and Carthage. I didn't experience that with the previous patch, so I'm wondering if the frequency of settlement transfers were tweaked with this new patch. Either way, I found it too easy - especially considering I was at war with Carthage only a couple of turns before. Why would they so easily give me territory immediately following a big war?

    -Also, since settlements can now change hands through political intrigues, will we be able to trade settlements through diplomacy in the foreseeable future? Perhaps have the ability to gift a settlement of our choice to a client state or ally should that client state/ally lose their last settlement? Just a thought...
  • vicgattavicgatta Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, I noticed that during the campaign (tested with that of Octavian and that of Hannibal) after a battle the game really slows down.
    It goes so slowly that it becomes unplayable and I am forced to restart. But as soon as I play a battle, the error occurs again.
    Before the battle everything is fine though. In fact until now I have only found the error that loading a campaign already started before the beta, the agents did not receive all the points to be reallocated.

    For the rest of the new changes I like a lot. I hope I could have been helpful
  • Sughdian WarriorSughdian Warrior Registered Users Posts: 187
    Siege AI: AI ally sacrifices a general to burn down the gates while there are 4 ladders on my side. Why general? And why burn down gates? I would try to grab the ladders or wait until the ally takes them to the wall.

  • Sughdian WarriorSughdian Warrior Registered Users Posts: 187
    Ignoring the artillery fire and weird positioning of AI troops after disembarking:

  • happycompyhappycompy Registered Users Posts: 355
    edited July 2018
    There is a bug (here is the thread) with the Blood & Gore DLC where the ballerina leg chop & slash beheading animations play over and over ruining the great variety of kill animations present when B&G is turned off. It has existed since patch 18 but has been incrementally addressed starting with the Desert Kingdoms patch, and again in this (wonderful) beta.

    The issue remains, however, and is very frustrating to watch. Easy fix, however; simply copying the animation frequency from the non-B&G animations & pasting them onto the B&G ones ought to do the trick. There exists a mod (here) which fixes the issue by simply replacing the offending two animation files with their non-B&G counterparts, which near completely solves the problem (at the expense of blood effects for those two animations).

    I believe CA_Grimfield is looking into it, but I figured I'd post it here for maximum exposure. Thank you for a fantastic patch, CA!

    HappyCompy's Rome 2 video emporium

    Completed Campaigns:
    ETW: Italian States, Mughal Empire

    Shogun 2: Uesegi, Date, Shoni

    Rome II: Rome, Venetii, Bastarnians, Pontus, Athens

    Attila: Franks (minor), Vandals (cultural)
  • slapnut1207slapnut1207 Registered Users Posts: 678
    edited July 2018
    Visual issues I have with Empire Divided Roman Uniforms:
    Every Legionary I see is wearing boots or maybe some other form of footwear, which should not be. Since some should be wearing Caligae.
    Some Roman Legionaries should not be wearing pants, but stay true to the classic Tunic with only undergarments on.
    Could late Roman units that appear in the very end of the third or early fourth century have at least a few legionaries wearing more decorated tunics?
    Some Roman Legionaries wearing Concesti Ridge Helmets should be given Intercisa Infantry Ridge Helmets.
    The Palmyrene Roman Army's uniforms look a mix between Roman, Barbarian and Eastern. Could we remove the Barbarian part of it. Because some of the men in Palmyrene Roman units look like Barbarians.
    Some Legionaries and all centurions should at least be wearing greaves
    Roman Legionaries should be wearing Focale.
    Roman Legionaries should not be wearing Lorica Hamata and Lorica Segmentata together.
    Roman Skirmishers should not all be wearing Spangenhelms, give them Ridge and Niederbieber Helmets.
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    In Hoc Signo Vinces

  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    edited July 2018
    Hello. The game has become truly wonderful.

    I have discovered what seems to be a bug with the "Duty Calls" panel, that appears to have appeared recently.

    Post-Marian general bodyguards are available despite the technology not yet being unlocked.

    This is the 5th turn through the game, after the Julii faction leader dies in combat. The game shows the "Duty calls" dialog box with the list of candidates. Some of the replacement candidates have the evocatii cohorts listed, as well as the veteran legionaries:

    The Duty Calls panel listing evocatii

    This is the tech currently available for the faction:

    The Management Tech panel

    The Tactics Tech panel

    The Siege Tech panel

    The Military Tech panel

    My personal favorite Total War games chart:
    I. Attila
    II. Rome II
    III. Napoleon
  • slapnut1207slapnut1207 Registered Users Posts: 678
    Also, I didn't check this yet but CA please make sure the Gallic Roman Empire's starting Generals don't start with chariots. Chariots were outdated in the third century for the Roman army.

    Make sure starting Roman Legions in IA and ED have historically accurate Roman names. Since some of them might not have historically accurate names.
    In Hoc Signo Vinces

  • BenjinBenjin Registered Users Posts: 256

    Hello. The game has become truly wonderful.

    I have discovered what seems to be a bug with the "Duty Calls" panel, that appears to have appeared recently.

    Post-Marian general bodyguards are available despite the technology not yet being unlocked.

    This is the 5th turn through the game, after the Julii faction leader dies in combat. The game shows the "Duty calls" dialog box with the list of candidates. Some of the replacement candidates have the evocatii cohorts listed, as well as the veteran legionaries:

    The Duty Calls panel listing evocatii

    This is the tech currently available for the faction:

    The Management Tech panel

    The Tactics Tech panel

    The Siege Tech panel

    The Military Tech panel

    I can confirm this as well - was really confusing seeing post-Marian stuff before researching the "Marian Reforms" technology as Rome.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • Mr_IggyxMr_Iggyx Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi folks. Two bugs for now.

    1) Impact from horse charges looks very strange now, see screenshot. The units get pushed back as they stand upright awkwardly, before suddenly dropping to the ground.

    2) The spears of Mercenary Ma'rib guard disappear when engaging in combat. Specifically when the stabbing animation occurs. I think I have seen this bug on other units too, so it could be the spear used by the unit, as opposed to a problem with the unit itself.

  • swarmiswarmi Registered Users Posts: 13
    on Empire divided selecting controls crashes game .It doesn't on main campaign.
  • Apophis_goauldApophis_goauld Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited July 2018
    Encoutered strange bug in characters screen.. When I select another character, ancillaries in "household" section "merge" together with those of new character (only ancillaries, not spouse). And with every new character selected, new "merge" will happen.. Only way to "reset" character screen to proper showing ancillaries is opening that character through army management on campaing map. After doing this, characters screen is showing ancillaries of that character properly, but when I set another character, ancillaries are again merged..

    It looks like game is using one "pool" for showing ancillaries, and does not reset it when selecting another character in character screen. It shows difference only when selected character has other ancillarie in that slot. When he has empty slot, it does not change it and instead of showing empty slot(s), it shows ancillaries from previous character..

    No need to say, that it makes ancillaries management a little harder - really strange, that no one else mentioned this here (so I hope fault is not on my side - off course I tried it with new game with all mods disabled)...

    EDIT: Strangely, issue is present only when starting new game. When loading old (advanced) game (played on previous version of game), ancillaries section works fine..
  • BoicoteBoicote Registered Users Posts: 825
    edited July 2018
    I have a bug to report that I experienced in two different situations: when I gave orders to a unit, that unit remained frozen and didn’t move.

    - The first time happened with the Hastati when I ordered them to attack an Etruscan unit during a land battle.
    - The second time happened in the historical battle of Carthage. Right after the disembarkment of a Triarii unit, I ordered them to move but they didn’t do anything.

    I solved this bug by pressing the attacking/defensive testudo button. After that, I could give them orders again.

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  • Ii0nHeartIi0nHeart Registered Users Posts: 1

    I've noticed that my Children are constantly dying, nobody is coming of age cause they keep dying, which has ruined my game because my faction leader just died without an heir
  • KinfetKinfet Registered Users Posts: 10
    Really cool update. Please make it possible to modify the outcome of critical success on diplomatic missions. The AI gifting settlements to the player is a feature I really dislike, and it should be possible to remove it.
  • BoicoteBoicote Registered Users Posts: 825
    edited July 2018
    I noticed that sometimes the IA decides to declare war, but then, in next turn, the IA is willing to accept peace even if I demand huge amounts of money from them. This is an easy way for the human player to win huge amounts of money. For example, in my first turn as the Seleucids (legendary) several factions declared war on me. In the same turn, I was able to gain 12.000 money from them by signing peace treaties.
    IMO, there are two options to solve this:

    a) The IA should be more careful when declaring war (possible side effect: the IA could become too much passive, which is not good)
    b) If the IA wants to sign peace treaties without fighting a single battle, then it should reject all proposals demanding money from it. The IA should only accept “white peace”.

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