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Official Ancestral Update issues thread



  • AlejandroCartagenaAlejandroCartagena Registered Users Posts: 9
    I'm really happy with the new beta, There's a lot of changes that are making the game more enjoyable than ever :).

    My only complain is about the familly tree system, it's a great idea and addition to the game, but I feel that now is really easy to gain gravitas and power with all the members of the family. The constant positive outcome of the new political actions also let you accumulate a lot of power without a counterweight and that brokes the paper of the opposing parties, they are just in the background as the main party gets all the benefits.

    - Also Please consider adding standard bearers for the Steppe factions, they are the only ones that don't have them.

  • Antonio476Antonio476 Registered Users Posts: 1

    Son last name , it makes me lose real family tree
  • ACApexPredatorACApexPredator Registered Users Posts: 11
    I am worried with this new update that this new update will change the maximum length you can deploy your units. I haven't found any statement in the patch notes that suggest that a units maximum unit length is capped at 4 deep. I hope this is a bug and that you guys are not intentionally making this a change.
  • skillfultreeskillfultree Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited July 2018
    There are invisible walls on Greek siege maps, maybe Roman maps too. Units cannot pass through and it blocks of certain areas and is very annoying.

    Other areas have building collision missing. I suspect it somehow moved to block off other areas of the map.

    It seems to mainly occur on the Greek Port City map, small and medium sized.
  • LordVonHamishLordVonHamish Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    The battle and campaign AI is still not good even on higher difficulties and ardeai still sometimes dont have standards and there is a bug when ships go on land and this is from the launch.
  • ForwegForweg Registered Users Posts: 47
    Some issues about family tree, I don't know if they are bugs or not.

    - a member of my family, by blood, turn into another family. He still is in my family tree (Junia) but also appears on the left in family Flavia. Who doesn't exist at the beginning and for wich I didn't see any announcement.

    - Characters are getting older a year by turn, despite the fact that a turn is only four month and not a whole year. So characters are getting old 4 times quicker than expected. In 60 turns a 18 yo General became an ancient 78 yo and is at the gate of death instead of being 33 yo and in his better years.
    So it is very hard to have a skilled general if we are not like blitzkrieg aggressive.
    Also, the familiy tree grown exponentially in those 60 turns and its very hard to keep the count of the family, because there already are 3, maybe 4 generations. And the others houses are not as powerful so it's very easy to have hands on the senate (playing Junia).
  • PolyperchonPolyperchon Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited July 2018
    Not so much a bug but an oversight perhaps.

    You can't seem to marry characters from the "Other Nobles" section into your own family. Seems a strange decision given as long as they are not bloodline it should be allowed. I have a female "Other noble" i want to marry my son who just came of age but its not possible it seems. When you press seek spouse it introduces another male into the other nobles section who i don't want.

    As a slight tangent. In the Imperator Augustus campaign as Octavian his sister is not present. I suppose this is because he's the adopted son of Caesar so technically its not his family. However it is called the Octavian dynasty. To take this point further Octavia should be in the game anyway as she was married to Marcus Antonius during this time-frame, Having two daughters.
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  • karnage10karnage10 Registered Users Posts: 44
    I currently found 2 bugs on the grand campaign playing as rome. [no mods used]
    1) CTD when you try to adopt a female noble
    2) when cavalry charges infantry the infantry death animation is not working properly

    Save file annexed in case you want to see for yourselves. Feel free to contact me in case you need anything else.
  • finglish001finglish001 Registered Users Posts: 1
    It appears that the minimum depth of infs(min 4 ranks deep now) and cavs are changed now but skirmishers are left alone. I do not know if this intentional as it is not shown in the update blog. This is likely not a issue in Campaign or against AI but it WILL BREAK the fragile balance in multiplayer battle so I don;t think it is a good idea to just take the option away from players and dictate how the games are played.

    The increase in depth will mitigate charge bonus so barbarians are weaker and thracians are outright unplayable now. Rome will become incredibly overpowered as it depends less on charge bonuse and has skirmisher mode which enables it retain its width.

    This update, undoubtly, will make the game more historical accurate. HOWEVER, is this more fun? ToB has reached new height in terms of historical accuracy, but its cav charge stop system and weak skirmishers makes the gameplay very dull. Everyone just go for inf strong roster and it will a fool to buy cav more expensive than 700. Because of this historical accuracy no one plays online ToB battles now. I hope CA can hear the suggestions and do not make Rome 2 another multiplayer graveyard.

    Keep up the great work and keep more DLCs coming for Rome 2!
  • GreenyRepublicGreenyRepublic Member Registered Users Posts: 44
    Loving this new update, however I've come across a couple of bugs:

    1. An Etruscan army laid siege to Rome, when my turn then began, all of my armies had taken attrition despite having an overall surplus of food. As I understand it, siege attrition should only begin when you end your turn after being besieged during another player's turn, though I could be wrong.

    2. Upgrading skills: should the level 2 circle be highlighted on the upper card to denote that we are upgrading the skill to that level?

  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    household/followers are very buggy, 2 of 3 diseapear each turn.
  • HerrAgmundHerrAgmund Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hey guys, the ancestral update brings amazing things to the game, i need to play a bit more to see if i can find any issues but until now it's all going ok, i finally came back to rome 2 after a long time playing warhammer, just one thing and i REALLY hope this gets to some dev, the public order on rome 2 is way too easy, if i put on legendary it brings a lot of changes, warhammer 2 Mortal empires on normal is good and challenging, some rebellions keep you from a quick expansion which is amazing because if you conquer too fast the game gets boring too quick, please rome 2 is one of my favorite games and i hope the public order could be a bit more challenging, i remember each faction having some bonuses and some penalty to bring some balance, bringing the penalty back like in warhammer would be great too!
  • Droiyan7Droiyan7 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Entice a married character from other family cause random reset of wife/husband card(household) for both target and target's spouse.

    e.g. In house of Papiria, Lucius Papirius Cursor is married with Suetonia Rufa

    Lucius Papirius Cursor has Arrogant Wife from Suetonia Rufa

    Suetonia Rufa has Opportunist Husband from Lucius Papirius Cursor

    I enticed Suetonia Rufa then,

    Lucius Papirius Cursor now has Political Wife

    Suetonia Rufa now has Handyman

    This seems so unrealistic.
  • Droiyan7Droiyan7 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I like to comment about tribute (diplomat's normal succeed outcome).

    It's fixed amount of money reward (5000) is so unrealistic and unbalanced (too powerful for early game, but almost nothing for end game)

    Though this came from long before Ancestral Update, I don't understand why such crude system remains untouched while Ancestral Update brings huge overhauls for intrigues system.

    I think tribute's amount money should be proportional to target faction's economic power like demand payment max limit.

    If I remember correctly, demand payment max limit is 5000 for weak, 10000 for moderate, 20000 for strong, 30000 for very strong.

    Tribute's amount money should be something like 500~1000 for weak, 1000~5000 for moderate, 2000~10000 for strong, 3000~15000 for very strong(This example is simple random ranged with 10% of demand payment max limit as minimum, and 50% of demand payment max limit as maximum).
  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 280
    Here are a couple more issues I've found.

    First, the missing arrow fire on the Heavy Tower Hepteres I reported earlier, seems to actually be 2X the expected arrows on the working side and none on the other. It seems the arrows firing alignment needs to be adjusted to move half of the firing points to the non-working side of the ship.

    Second, there are a few more missing units from the custom battle permissions tables that you might want to look at from the data typo mod update (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488845624). I think it is mostly naval units that are present in the campaign but not in custom battles. I can put together a list if that is helpful.

    A very small bug, but for the large unique Carthage city maps (lv. 3 and 4) all the sites for siege deployable locations along the outer costal wall are not actively available for use. Siege equipment will deploy there during the initial distribution, but you can't move any new equipment there during the pre-battle deployment. I tried to grab some screenshots but the screenshot didn't save the cursor. You can check it with a custom battle setup to defend the large or very large Carthage city map. When trying to deploy the siege engines along the wall that faces the ocean, there will be no way to select the deployment sites along that wall. The walls along the other sides of the city work correctly.

    Another very small issue is that there are still two technologies in the Caesar in Gaul campaign that have an effect to increase your party's influence that existed from before the campaign was changed to only have one political party. I don't believe they cause any detrimental effects, just might be a bit confusing for someone first starting out.

    This one may or may not be intended, but in case it is not here is the problem statement: Some buildings in the Hannibal at the Gates campaign require the silk resource but there are no sources of silk on the map. I believe this is the only campaign that suffers from this. One way to make silk available might be to link it with one of the technologies like is done in the Caesar in Gaul campaign.

    The last one isn't a bug, but for Hannibal at the Gates and Imperator Augustus campaigns it would be nice to see the desert kingdom factions represented in those campaigns be switched over to the new building set and unit set that was developed for the desert kingdom DLC. I believe these are the only two campaigns where this change would be needed.

    I do want to thank you again for all the hard work on these recent updates. The effort to improve the quality of the game is very evident and much appreciated. I've noticed a few updates not mentioned in the patch notes that were brought up at various times in the past and it is really nice to see those fixes make it in along with the more noticeable items and all the continued improvements. One somewhat big one is that it seems it is no longer possible to activate pike phalanx or hoplite wall on walls now which is great. That made fighting manual siege battles against greek and successor factions rough to say the least when you had to face pikes in phalanx on the walls.
  • BoicoteBoicote Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 650
    edited July 2018
    I'm playing a campaign as the Seleucids (legendary) and I experienced an extreme buggy battle. I was defending Salamis from Cyprus and some awkward things happened:

    1- I ordered my ships to disembark their soldiers, but they moved in circles arround the landing site. When they finally found the right spot to deploy the soldiers, it was too late (the enemy ships reached them).

    2 - An enemy ship made a backward landing.

    3- One unit disembarked and then it didn’t do anything. It was frozen in the beach and I was unable to attack it. To fight their soldiers, I had to move my troops over them.

    EDIT: I watch the replay and I found the reason. One of the archers remained in the ship walking arround in circles and, because of him, the entire unit didn't move.

    4- When I returned to the campaign map, the text related to loot was repeated three times.

    If you want the check the replay, here you have it: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zempq8

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  • BoicoteBoicote Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 650
    edited July 2018
    This picture is self-explanatory:

    I sabotaged an army garrisoned in Petra and then I attacked the army outside the city. The army in Petra shouldn’t be able to reinforce, but did it.
  • BoicoteBoicote Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 650
    edited July 2018
    This is not exactly a bug, it's a balance issue. In my current campaign as the Seleucids (legendary) I gained absolute power in my empire too easily. I simply promoted my characters and ignored the opposition members. My supporters generate huge amounts of Gravitas and now I can easily get rid of the opposition members by bribing or adopting them. Sometimes I send them on a diplomatic mission to hostile countries, hopping to see them killed by the hostile nation (I don’t even need to assassinate them). I also don't need to recruit new opposition members because I have too many candidates of my own family to command my armies.
    Despite all of this, loyalty in not an issue (in imperium IV)

    Possible solution: considering that human players recieve characters from the family tree and, ocasionally, random characters, the same should happen with the opposition parties. They should recieve their own "random" characters which represent their own family tree members. This way, the human player no longer controls the number of members in the opossition parties.
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  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 3,359
    I'm also having the same issue as a few other folks, whereby sabotaged armies are still able to reinforce nearby allied forces and participate in battle, even though it says they shouldn't be able to.
  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 280
    I found an issue with one of the new champion traits not giving the stated bonuses. I'm playing as Carthage in the grand campaign.

    Before selecting the upgrade for the champion I have the following stats:

    I then select the "Hoplite" champion upgrade:

    Afterwards these are the unit stats:

    I tried advancing a turn to see if it took one turn to become active, but there was no change to the melee attack, melee defence or morale stats after a turn passed either.
  • BenjinBenjin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 256
    edited July 2018
    Boicote said:

    This is not exactly a bug, it's a balance issue. In my current campaign as the Seleucids (legendary) I gained absolute power in my empire too easily. I simply promoted my characters and ignored the opposition members. My supporters generate huge amounts of Gravitas and now I can easily get rid of the opposition members by bribing or adopting them. Sometimes I send them on a diplomatic mission to hostile countries, hopping to see them killed by the hostile nation (I don’t even need to assassinate them). I also don't need to recruit new opposition members because I have too many candidates of my own family to command my armies.
    Despite all of this, loyalty in not an issue (in imperium IV)

    I kind of agree with this - with the new family tree / political mechanics, adopting other party members has become too easy (it's always a success, from what I've seen) without much backlash. Alternatively, the enemy parties don't seem to want to adopt or commit their own intrigues as nearly as enough as your own party - I don't even know if they can. I think the other parties should be a lot more politically active and try to balance out the political influence of their own party when it starts to run low, I think.

    I also think that gaining too much influence in the political system should incur negative loyalty from other parties, just like how it used to be before Power & Politics. The more you gain total power, the more you're seen as a tyrant by the rest.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    edited July 2018
    I have discovered that if during naval (unwalled) city assault, when the cavalry units spawn on land, the AI goes out of its way to attack these units. Even at the cost of the unguarded city center.

    This looks hilarious, because the entire AI army now tries to hunt down 2 poor cavalry units, while an entire legion is attacking the settlement behind their backs.

    This is actually not as bad as it sounds, as the AI still seems to be reacting appropriately, and withdrawing back to the city after a while. However, the AI does tire its troops.

    Has such AI behavior occurred to anyone else?
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  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    I have discovered an issue, which seems to be related to the issue with post-Marian general bodyguard units before the tech is researched in the "Duty Calls" panel.

    The house of Papirii has seceded, and have post-Marian troops available to them (Praetorians and Veteran legionaries) despite the tech not yet having been researched.

    Post-Marian secessionist troops

    My personal favorite Total War games chart:
    I. Attila
    II. Rome II
    III. Napoleon
  • ts8lemonadets8lemonade Member Registered Users Posts: 105
    Hi, I would like to report a bug / game crash issue. When playing an Empire Divided campaign, if you press Esc and go to options, then choose Controls, it will crash the game.

    I have the .mdmp crash file but when I try to upload it to the forum it just says "Failed to upload file". Not sure what the issue is. But if you guys are in need of it I can try another browser or other way to upload it.

    Thank you!
  • Belowzero551Belowzero551 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've noticed that all of the "infamy events" during my Icenii playthrough have not had an actual resolution come up. Unless they do not automatically pop anymore and I just did not notice. Going to test another faction later, may update the comment if I am just dumb and blind.
  • LordVonHamishLordVonHamish Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    why dont you just release battle map edditor just like it is in warhammer it would make the game like 10000x more replayable and frikin AWESOME!!!!
  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 280
    I did some testing regarding the champion upgrade not giving the stated effects above.

    I was able to get the effects working as intended by changing the effect scope in the character_skill_level_to_effects_junctions table from this_agent_zeal to this_agent_parent_army and then also adding lines in the effect_bonus_value_ids_unit_sets_tables for the new effects being used and linking them up with the unit_set: melee_units_spears and the appropriate bonus_value_ids. I have the pack file attached if it is helpful.

    From what I saw with a quick glance through the character_skill_level_to_effects_junction table, there are many new agent upgrades that look to have the wrong effect_scope (they are targeting the agent instead of the army). I'm also not sure how many of the new effects might be missing from the appropriate bonus value id tables. If possible, it would be good to go through the logic in the data tables for all the new effects and make sure they are setup correctly. From what I can see it looks like there might be a good number that need some adjustment to work as described.
  • FrostKaiserFrostKaiser Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hey, thanks for the Patch.

    About the new ability "finding a pouse". I wish you guys gave the player the option to turn down or not the spouse, like in Attila. And also, for some reason, the attribute the spouse gets from the husband are really weird. Sometimes they are completely different from what you expect.
  • NobleBronco98NobleBronco98 Registered Users Posts: 1
    For some reason after I finish a battle in any campaign, the campaign map starts to lag unbearably. Makes the game almost unplayable...otherwise great patch so far.
  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
    Yes, I had some lagging on the campaign map as well, which seems to appear after battles. Interestingly, it stops lagging for a moment when I zoom in and then zoom back out. I hope this information helps.
    My personal favorite Total War games chart:
    I. Attila
    II. Rome II
    III. Napoleon
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