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Coop Campaign and Multiplayer Battle Error...

Vanka_Zg2Vanka_Zg2 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Rome II Support
Hi everyone.
Let me explain my situation:
I try to play RTW2 with my friend through a good wifi connection. I host a room, then he joins it. However, a error message appeared:
You have lost connection to the game(room)

Before the error occurred, my friend(who join the room) can see the overall settings of the battle/campaign that I create in my room, while I can't even see him joined. After a few seconds, he got the error and disconnected, during that time, nothing happen on my screen. Because of the bug, we COULDN'T START the multiplayer play.

In the case he hosts, and I join, nothing changed.

I am quite sure that the lag nor graphic settings won't likely to affect this error, because we can play singleplayer well without any bugs.

So if anyone can provide a suggestion, it will be very appreciated.


*** I also spent a few time hanging around the forum, finding many players complaining about the multiplayer errors, up to now haven't been fixed yet. This really made hard to believe that this problem will be solved :neutral: ***

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