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CarchariaS#5112CarchariaS#5112 Registered Users Posts: 30

Hi, I really liked new update. You guys added a lot of things. But there is one thing you guys forgot

: Siege escalation, I realy want to see siege escalation for rome 2. I hope you guys can add this in future updates.



  • Jedidias1#5903Jedidias1#5903 Registered Users Posts: 390

    I would like to see the garrison system improved mainly in the walled cities. That would allow more intense battles and force the player in some cases to besiege the city which is very rarely necessary. It is very disappointing when you get to Carthage, Antioch or any other capital city and you find that most of the time there are only 7 (9 counting ships) units defending the city, which is not challenging at all (if you get lucky there is an army sitting in the city but thats the exception). Besides, the siege starts with assault ladders which makes it even easier. Players in these cases simply win the battle with the auto resolve, and this subtracts a lot of gameplay from the game. I think that improving the main building chain of the walled cities should increase the garrison a little bit more so that way even if the cites don't have recruiting buildings they still would have a decent garrison!

    I know I posted this elsewhere but I want to make sure you devs see this request and decide about it.
  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    Siege escalation would indeed be great to have in Rome II, but we'll have to find time for it in a possible future update, indeed.

    @Jedidias1 , we've seen your suggestion and I'll have to admit that updating the garrisons is not something we have planned. Although seemingly simple, this change would affect game balance, campaign behaviour and would need to affect multiple campaigns. Testing and ensuring that the changes made the game better would still take additional time as you can imagine.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your suggestions, enjoy the update ( :
  • Jedidias1#5903Jedidias1#5903 Registered Users Posts: 390
    Okay thanks for your answer. Keep up the good job! :)
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