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Some bugs/issues/glitches found in the game up to the latest DLC (no Ancestral Update beta)

DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
Hello, announcement of the new patch have motivated me to report some issues I have found in Rome 2. All of them are up to the latest DLC/patch (Desert Kingdoms), with no AU BETA installed (if some of them are going to be fixed, but are not mentioned in update change notes, just simply ignore them). I will try to report them as clearly as possible, just as I have done in Attila Ultimate Bug Thread. These issues cover many aspects of the game. So lets start:

* Some units hold one type of bow while being idle, and suddenly type of bow change during shooting (this issue BTW occurs also in Attila). Units affected by this bug are:
- Royal Sassanian Archers (ED the Sassanids)

- Highland Archers and Elite Highland Archers (ED Caledonii)

- Elite Gothic Archers (ED Gothi)

- Germanic Noblewoman Archers (ED Marcomanni) - here the issue is even more serious with composite bow/longbow change

- Armoured Horse Archers (ED Palmyra) - it seems like unit holds two bows while shooting, all Armenian Horse Archers from ED are also affected by this bug

- Eastern Bowmen (ED Armenia)

- Eastern Horse Archers , Armoured Horse Archers and Noble Horse Archers (ED Armenia) all share the same issue of 'double bow' while shooting

- Persian Horse Archers (ED the Sassanids)

- Mercenary Kretan Archers (Wos)

- Bactrian Horse Archers (GC)

To conclude archer - related issues I must point out that most barbarian archers from ED have wrong bow on the UI unit card (they have always there a composite bow, while they normally equip either simple bow or a longbow). Also some units with longbow (Longbow Hunters from GC, CiG and IA; Highland and Elite Highland Archers from ED) have just 125 range, which is ridiculous and does not make sense, considering the fact that some units with simple bows (like Gallic Hunters) have 150 range. And as for the unit models, many archers and horse archers in the game (practically in all campaigns) are lacking arrow quivers.

* Elite Saxoni Javelinmen (ED) in melee fight with Greek type sword, instead of more historically accurate one (preferably seax).

* Numidian Noble Infantry (GC) has invisible javelins before throwing them

* Sometimes a glitch with Zhayedan Immortals (ED) occurs, when thay are suspended in the air after being killed

* Now a bug, that Attila has inherited from Rome 2. All horse skirmishers with Parthian Shot (but not horse archers!) are affected. While running away from the enemy, they throw their javelins without turning themselves in enemy direction. While it is not game-breaking issue, it somehow kills immersion, and is extremally unrealistic.

* Gallic Roman General (ED) on chariot is lacking his javelins

* There is a glitch with Nabatean an Sabean melee infantry shield patterns. They change, depending on point of camera so fast, that I do not know anymore which one is correct. Also one Nabatean cavalry unit shares this issue.

* According to unit stats, Desert Chariots (Nabatea, Masaesyli, Saba and Kush) and Armoured Desert Chariots (Masaesyli) should wield shields (shield bonus is applied and mentioned in melee defence and armour). However, models are lacking shields

* These guys should mount armoured camels, at least according to unit UI banner

* Such terrain bugs, are still quite common in the game, unfortunately

* Or fleets traveling through land, without disembarking on the seashore

* In custom battle for the GC, Parthia has access to two ships with Pontic Peltasts/ Pontic Swordsmen as the marines. But I do not know if this is an issue during the campaign, maybe someone can confirm that.

* Ok, now some translational issues. In Polish version, descryption of Desert Cavalry and Armoured version has word 'Namibijczycy posiadali...' , should be 'Numidyjczycy posiadali...' . Also Cimmerian Noble Infantry is translated as Kimeryjska Szlachta Konna, is should be Szlachetna Piechota Kimeryjska. And finally, in campaign descryption for Nabatea faction, the word 'Judowie' occurs, it should be correctly 'Judejczycy'.

* As for the ideas for improving the game, I agree that there sould be banners over broken enemy units, because chasing them after the battle is a nightmare. Also, I would support adding some handicap to transport fleets (like seasickness from Attila), because right now they are way too OP.

Thanks for further patching the game and greetings to the Community!


  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    Thanks for the comprehensive list of issues. I'm not sure how many of these issues are fixed in AU but our QA will try to reproduce them on Monday.
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    Thank you, CA-Grimfeld for quick answer. I have also recalled, that pike units can perform pike phalanx formation while standing and fighting on the walls, which is an obvious bug, and I would like to report that too.
  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    @Demcik, thank you, though I think this was fixed, I will stand corrected if it isn't ( :
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    edited July 2018
    Unfortunately, in my recent Kush campaign, I could perform pike phalanx with my Kush pikemen on the walls of Alexandria (or Cyrene, do not remember it now in details, and I did not make a screen). Ok, one more thing I wanted to report, it is maybe not a bug per se, but it is quite unrealistic and again, it is common for both Attila and Rome 2. All missle cavalry units, after depleting their ammo should automatically (like missle infantry units do) equip their secondary, melee weapon. It is strange when they are chasing or charging the enemy with ,for example bow, and change weapon only for direct charge/kill move. Anyway, than you CA_Grimfled again, for your attention!
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  • Octavius_5#2653Octavius_5#2653 Registered Users Posts: 286
    edited July 2018
    I can confirm that using shield wall/hoplite wall/pike phalanx on walls isn't quite fixed. The option disappears when selecting a deployment position on the wall (which is good) but it seems to be reenabled under certain circumstances. I noticed it reactivating after engaging in combat and selecting a deployment position off the wall (after the unit had completed combat. Below are some screenshots showing the issue.

    Hoplite Wall engaged while fighting on the wall:

    Hoplite Wall enabled after completing combat while still on the wall:

    Hoplite Wall disabled again after selecting a deployment position on the wall:

    I didn't grab a screenshot, but after selecting a move order back to the ground the option to go into Hoplite Wall became active once again after I took the last screenshot with the unit still on the wall.
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    edited July 2018
    I have just realised by looking at screens from my first post that there is another translational issue - in Polish version there are often used words Saksoni, saksoński etc. concerning Saxons from ED (I have fund a lot of such words in Saxon campaign in different places, like chapter goals or tech descryptions). Proper form should be Sasi, saski, saska etc, for example Elitarni sascy oszczepnicy instead of Elitarni saksońscy oszczepnicy.

    As for future suggestions (I understand, that it might be difficult to implement such changes right off the bat, but just in case of possible another patch) - many players are complaining about garrison strenght in Rome 2 and I generally agree with them. I think that good way to improve garrison strenght would be completely removing mob-like units (so mob, Iceni farmers, Germanic tribesmen etc.), in general all these units that are in the game but cannot be trained and serve only just to fill in garrison manpower. I understand, that it is quite historically correct, that citizens are helping in defending their settlement in case of siege, but from game-wise perspective, they are utterly useless. They should be replaced with normal units that are normally available to faction given - some basic or mid-tier ones. Wether they should be spear, melee, pike or missle infantry (or maybe some cavalry) is a matter of balancing the game. That would at the same time make minor settlements more defensible for a player and more challenging to grab ones from the enemy. Personally, I like te way garrisons are solved in Attila, where even minor settlements have some defensible facilities, and garrison is improving in course of the game (no useless units), but it would be unrealistic in Rome 2 time frame.
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  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    Another issue that I have found recently - leaders of African factions in HatG campaign are called Shah (in Polish version Szach), which is ahistorical, the title is valid for Persian rulers. King would be probably more suitable.

  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    Ok guys, I have found another issues. I don't know if you can fix them before release of the patch, but I'll inform about them anyway. If they are already fixed, just ignore the post.

    * In my Kush campaign, I have realised that some buildings require certain tech, but tech descryption doesn't highlight that - here's an example:

    * There are minimal differences in stats (melee attack, charge bonus, melee defence and health) between Mercenary Celtic Warriors and Mercenary Gallic Warriors, and their unit models are identical, but somehow one unit is marked as light infantry (Celtic Warriors) and one as heavy infantry (Gallic Warriors), And in fact there is real difference in speed between these units. Issue is present in all campaigns with these units and with their auxillary versions.

    * There is a difference in melee defence between Mercenary Celtic Light Horse and Mercenary Gallic Light Horse, and thus higher recruitment and upkeep cost, but their Auxillary versions for Romans (in all campaigns) have the same stats, with still different costs. Again, unit models are identical,though unit tab slightly different.

    * To be honest, I'm not really convinced if cavalry unit should use pilum-type javelin. I might be wrong, though.

    That's all, thanks in advance for your attention and splendid work you put into Rome II, Gentlemen!
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    Ok guys. First, thank you for your effort and patching the game. It is really enjoyable now! But I was checking all the issues I have reported, and this is what I have found and I feel obliged to inform about:

    *Fixed Bow units who held the wrong bow or two bows during animations.

    Well, not all of them. Actually, only Noble Horse Archers are fixed, the rest three units still have the issue.

    Additionaly, I have found another two units affected by 'wrong bow type' bug, that were in the game before patch, and two units with this bug from the new campaign: These units are:
    Camel Archers (Palmyra, ED)

    Armoured Horse Archres (Parthia, Armenia; GC, IA)

    Hippotoxotai (Taras, Syracusae and all Hellenic factions in RotR, I guess)

    Mercenary Cretan Archers (Syracusae, and in general in mercenary form, if available to other factions; RotR)

    Also, the last two units I have mentioned equip arrow quivers, while rest of archer units in RotR (and this problem is common in every Rome II campaign) are lacking it, which is extremally immersion breaking, since model/resource is already in the game, in at least three different types (I can prepare a list of archers and horse archers that are lacking arrow quivers, if there would be an opportunity to add it.)

    *Fixed shield patterns on Sabean and Nabatean units.

    Once again, not all of them. Still affected are:
    Mercenary Ma'rib Guard

    Sabaean Swordsmen

    Also, Nabatean Desert Hoplites and Armoured Desert Hoplites have issue with their shield pattern changing colour or disappering depending on camera angle.

    *Fixed the armour on camels to Royal Camel Archers (visually, there was none).

    This unit - Armoured Camel Spearmen (Nabatea and Saba) is still lacking camel armour

    Out of four translational issues I have reported, only "Numidyjczycy" seems fixed. Parthia still has in GC variant of Custom battle access to two ships with Pontic soldiers. There are still animation issues concerning missle cavalry and horse skirmishers I have mentioned. Kush techs still don't indicate buildings they unlock. Also, I have found that Eastern Horse Skirmishers (Sassanids and Armenia;ED) are lacking heir spearheads in their javelins.

    The rest of issues seems fixed by now. Thanks in advance for the response!
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    edited August 2018
    Ok some other unresolved issues/bugs:

    * This glitched animation is still not fixed:

    * Another (and I hope the last) Nabatean unit with shield pattern glitch: Heavy Desert Spearmen:

    * Standard bearers also sometimes share glitch known from RotR with suspended in the air standard/weapon:

    * Nile delta does not look impressive, to be honest:

    * All cavalry units from WoS campaign are lacking any type of horse saddle, I do not know if it is a bug or intended move.

    * There is nothing impressive about Horse Hewers (Marcomannii, ED) although their unit description and the name itself suggest, that they should have some bonuses/skills helpful in cavalry engagements.

    * This thing is actually strange. Iceni Ambushers were always kind of a hybrid unit (missle/light melee infantry), although they are marked sa melee infantry. But they can be put in two rows like missle infantry. Also, I remember that some time ago it was possible to give them order to attack enemy from the distance, now it is only possible to give them direct order to engage enemy in melee. The same goes to their ED Caledonian version. Honestly saying, again I do not know if it is intentional, or a bug. Some clarification would be nice. Another hybrid unit that cannot attack anymore from the distance before hand to hand combat is Iberian Swordsmen.

    * Translational issue: It should be 'oszczepy' instead of 'proce', these guys are, after all, peltasts.

    Thank you for your attention/potential response!
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