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Agent UI bug.

LittleArvinLittleArvin Registered Users Posts: 2
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
If i select a spy, more specificaly. If i start a new campaign with Macedon and select the spy, select a target army, i can't click assasination. And it does not get fixed out of itself 50 turns later, it's still not possible to click on it.

Am i missing something ? The icon "assasination" is not greyed out.. if i hover over it it doesn't get lit up either. It's like it's not detecting the mouse. The info text still shows up if i put my mouse over it.

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  • Benjin#3371Benjin#3371 Registered Users Posts: 258
    You need to unlock the "Assassination" action for the the Spy now through the skills. Agent skills have been overhauled completely to act like the agent system in Attila.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • LittleArvinLittleArvin Registered Users Posts: 2
    Yeah i JUST found out. Altough the UI with "Assasination" would need to be greyed out. Anyway that's why it's called "Beta" :smiley:
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