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Battle AI feedback (still have some issues).

LanatLanat Registered Users Posts: 7
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
I will update this thread the more I do my tests but honestly there has been an improvement I believe but nowhere near Attila or Warhammer. I hope we see more improvement.

Here is one battle that shows my experience so far.
So first Battle with my Macedonian army with the pesky Epirus kingom.
My forces fought under a red sky and flying harpy women. Not sure why this is happening but "waiting" did not change the weather. It appaears this is something called nightmare mode that I had enabled long ago but I forgot about it. Sorry about that... NOT A BUG!

Regardless here is the Epirus army and the city garrison come to reinforce them on the field of battle.
The Garrison seems to have stopped midway to the main army and refuses to move. My army however is furtherway outside of bow range while I observe the AI army.

This is when I decide to test if the sphaghetti lines are still in the game, some claim they have been removed.
Well it looks like I can still do them, not enough tests though to see if the AI does it to my units or the AI units... so for now... idk what to think *shrug*

Alright. Getting back to the battle... I move my "Attacking" army to be within ranged of my slingers. This sets off the AI to commit to a full offensive against my lines despite them being the "Defenders". As you can see due to the buggy positioning earlier they are now trickling in rather than having a coherent line to face mine.

You can now see 3 pikemen units reaching my lines. I have 2 pikemen at the front and 2 hoplites reinforcing the flanks. The AI decides to have one it's pikemen forces to sqeeze through my gap (Left). One to properly engage with my pikes by actually using them in battle (center) and finally the last one on the far right that decide to charge in face first into the pikes and then bringing down their own pikes.
In the meantime the Elephants on my right are trying a worthy flanking maneuver on my left. Please note I have NOT issued a single order besides telling my cavalry to create some distance between my lines to see how Infantry vs Infantry plays out.

After a short period of time... 10 seconds. The elephants and the squeezing pikemen unit are dead or shattered. The other two Epirus pikemen are starting to waver due to loses... they begin to waver in about 10 seconds after the first routes began.
Good news is that the garrison infantry has finally reached the battle but they are splitting up towards the flanks.

Please note besides minor maneuvering of cavalry I have not really directed this battle. The battle was simply too easy.
Here are the after effects of this engagement.

This battle lasted 30 seconds to 1 minute. The difficulty is Normal and I probably spent another 2 or 3 minutes chasing fleeing units or the missile infantry.
I do not know if this was intentional but I expected more of a challenge.
Besides the reinforcing army and the weather bugs to be fixed I would appreciate some unit tweaking to fix the balance.
An elephant unit flanked and hit my hoplites from the side and they barely sustained any damages. I took ZERO initiative to destroy or even weaken those elephants before they reached me but they still got massacred with my forces left to their own devices received almost zero losses.


  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    edited July 2018
    I can already tell there's mods meddling with your game because spaghetti lines are gone for non-skirmishers and you have nightmare mode on which lowers morale.
  • LanatLanat Registered Users Posts: 7

    I can already tell there's mods meddling with your game and you have nightmare mode on.

    I have disabled all mods though.
  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Registered Users Posts: 34,001
    Lanat said:

    I can already tell there's mods meddling with your game and you have nightmare mode on.

    I have disabled all mods though.
    Not enough.

    Delete them all, then verify cache.
  • ArgonArgon Registered Users Posts: 1,501
    I have noticed also that in minor settlements when there are multiple routes to the enemy, the 90% of the AI attacking the settlement tend to go through the same entrance, if not 100%
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