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Dilemmas lacking results/info

Please @CA_Eric @CA_Whelan @CA_Grimfeld @CA_Ella These need to be fixed/poolished.
This event doesn't show you the amount of money you gain from the success of your diplomat. It would be neat if we were able to see it. You can actually scroll up/down but you can not see the amount.

Same here, wich parties has been affected? how much % of influence and loyalty?

I would like to know wich of my many allies has confirmed to join me.

What does this mean? Do I gain more political influence? more loyalty from other parties?

In general as you can see, this is only about polishing what we have to make it more clear/enjoyable. Should be easy to fix.

I see this could be our last oportunity to see this events improved the way I described so please consider reading me :)
Thank you,
Tene ^^


  • johanrosenjohanrosen Registered Users Posts: 232
    Good suggestions. I agree wholeheartedly.
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  • Whiskeyjack_5691#3558Whiskeyjack_5691#3558 Registered Users Posts: 4,249

    Good suggestions. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Same here, the event messages could use a little expanding on exactly what effects or results have occurred. There's plenty of room in the event windows to fit more information too.
  • HugothesterHugothester Registered Users Posts: 566
    Absolutely correct, I also noticed that lack of information. When the diplomat comes back with money I want to know how much money and the name of the diplomat for example.
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  • epic_1597336088109yK0jpFepic_1597336088109yK0jpF Registered Users Posts: 855
    Riot in the capital dilemma is also too frequent and makes lil sense, why is there a riot when my happiness at my capital is at 100?
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  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    We'll see what can be done about this. Your feedback is perfectly valid.
  • RafSwi7#7492RafSwi7#7492 Registered Users Posts: 2,826
    Good suggestions.
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  • epic_159733062650ipC6PXfepic_159733062650ipC6PXf Registered Users Posts: 348

    We'll see what can be done about this. Your feedback is perfectly valid.

    OMG CA answering me for the first time and I didn't see it I feel like a little kid hyped the night before Santa Claus lol.

    Thank you @CA_Grimfeld please answer this thread with the (hopefully) success on the implementation of these so needed improvements, before the Ancestral release, if possible :)

    Tene ^^

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