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I've encountered a possible bug,if anyone else have experienced this,some help would be appreciated!

So after downloading some mods into my Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai game (it was some mod that added a bunch of new units), and after noticing that those units weren't affected by the bayonet mod I've decided to make some tweaks to the bayonet mod by plugging in data from the new unit mod. With some success I was able to give some units bayonets while other units just crashes the game. That however is not my problem for today.

Now onto the bigger problem..since I was able to still play the game still with some units working, it wasn't a big deal to me. So while tweaking with the mod values, I decided to make some changes to the melee attack, defense, accuracy, and reload skill to some units. That also worked, however, whenever I am in a custom battle, my units with the altered stats frightens enemy units when they are within melee range and the enemy units' morale immediately goes into the shattered state and withdraws from the battlefield without taking a single casualty. With that said, its also the same for me..when my units goes up against an altered enemy unit, my unit also gets shattered and runs..the odd thing is that when I hover my mouse over them, it says they are still eager to fight but they are shattered..I actually first noticed this issue when I sent a cavalry unit after a routing (and altered) enemy unit, and once my cavalry made contact with that unit, my units just became shattered and started running out of the battlefield.

I went back to the PackFileManager to see if I might have accidentally clicked on something I wasn't supposed to but nothing seems wrong. At first I thought maybe I accidentally clicked the "frighten enemy" button but they are all unchecked and I've compared the stats with vanilla units and they are not too different, in fact, some vanilla units have more attack/defense/etc than the units I've altered.
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