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[Suggestion] Settlements and capital

MeteoR174MeteoR174 Registered Users Posts: 21
Add the ability to rename the settlements and move the capital


  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    We have been discussing that as a matter of fact. Will not make it into the current update, unfortunately.
  • johanrosenjohanrosen Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 232
    edited July 2018
    I'd love this option too. Hopefully you guys will be able to implement it in another update :-)
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  • BenjinBenjin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 256
    If the ability to move the capital does eventually get implemented, I think it should have some kind of impact on campaign gameplay (e.g. the further away a settlement is from your capital, the more management penalties there are (public order / corruption); stretching too far away from your point of origin can have a negative impact. Moving the capital somewhere else should be very costly / take a few turns / require a technology / require +10 loyalty from all existing parties etc). At the moment, it's solely used for role-play.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
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