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Campaign AI still needs some work

kmansp38kmansp38 Registered Users Posts: 204
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
Playing as Rome on VH, the AI just sits there. Enemy factions will have stacks of armies and sit in their towns, not even taking advantage of my defenseless towns.

What's worse is, soon after declaring war on three factions, shortly after all three sued for peace, even though they all had huge armies. It's not like they were weak- and I had only one stack in the area. This is still early in the game as I progressed north around Mehdlan.

I get that Rome is a strong faction, but damn... the AI doesn't even try. I've now tried three new games with similar AI issues. I have tried with and without an AI mod, but the enemy still is too scared to fight, whether I have an army in place or not. It's become more a game of chicken. Very rarely does the AI ever try to engage me. Neutral factions which hate me will park stacks of armies on my border as if they are going to attack but never do.

This has been an issue prior to the ancestral patch, but was hoping this would get a look at now.

Would also be nice if the enemy AI actually ambushed!
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