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General's Skill Tree

epic_159733062650ipC6PXfepic_159733062650ipC6PXf MemberRegistered Users Posts: 348
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
Since the PP overhaul we have been having this "too much to the left" positioned skill tree wich appart to be not centered (correct way) also doesn't allow us modders to add more skills because they would be out of the screen by the left side.

Would anyone on CA be so kind to have a look and relocate it ? :)@CA_Grimfeld

Tene ^^

Edit: Just to say this is not a mod problem (guess you suspect cause I play with mods). Try a vanila game and you will see the same problem. :)
In fact it's a leftover design, cause f.e. Spy skill tree is centered! so why not the general one wich also has more skills ?

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