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Ships not landing

hernethehunterhernethehunter Registered Users Posts: 590
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
I've had this more than a couple of time now. Ships in port defence aren't landing or having trouble in landing. I can sometimes get one of them to land as normal. They just stay there in the water after giving them an order to land. You can still give them an order to move anywhere else except to land. Though the last time it happened I did get them to land some way off from the settlement they were defensding.

Haven't noticed this happening to the ai when they are defending.


  • ca_dionissievca_dionissiev Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 178
    Hi @hernethehunter Thanks for the report :)

    We are aware of this issue and the dev team are investigating it. Hopefully it will be resolved before release :)

    Thanks again!
    Ivan Dionisiev
    CA Sofia QA Team

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  • gunnerduffsgunnerduffs Registered Users Posts: 4

    I have this same issue. Ships refusing to land in a port battle.


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