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Unit review

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edited September 2011 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
Here's a review of the units of shogun 2. This is in no way complete so please give it time to grow (this is an active project.)

First are are the rocket troops and these guys can actually be pretty useful thanks to their long range and decent reload time. They are very useful for slowing down an enemy advance, sniping important units such as the general, destroying heavy armor units and breaking the morale of even the bravest units you may encounter. They have decent ammo too so you can usually get them to break 2 units provided you keep them under constant fire with the rockets and archers/ gun when they get in range. Definitely exceeded expectations.

Next up are the Hojo hand mortars from the new sengoku jidai DLC. These were amazingly noneffective compared to what I thought they would be because a glitch haunts them making them an almost worthless unit. The glitch? They sometimes fire volleys that land a long way in front of the unit they are targeting, and this isn't a deal where they start to fire when they are running and then the enemy switches to walker or something like that. And it definitely isn't an accuracy issue as all the shots land together. This makes the unit almost useless as I have found about 25-50% of the volleys end up like, which is pretty bad when you think 25-50% of the shots youu shoot won't have any chance of hitting and you only shoot 30 shots per volley. when engaging a running enemy even if on a hill you may get 2 volleys in. This means the only chance this unit has to survive is break the enemy morale before they can charge, but their morale-breaking abilities and laughable at best compared to the rocket troops which also have better accuracy and reload skill.

Once CA fixes the glitch that keeps them from being a meaningful unit compared to the rockets then I'll start considering them actually useful.

Daikyu Samurai: Very good archer unit sporting both a long range and excellent stats. It has the same unit size as regular bow samurai so its up to you if you want to upgrade them for the 200 koku. Personally I would recommend it because I used them to take down a unit of bow warrior monk (same 1000 koku) yet lost less then half of the unit in the process.

Marathon Monk: These guys turned out to be a let-down with harder recruitment requirements and a the same price as regular monks but with a smaller unit size. They are more adaptable as they fatigue MUCH slower (the difference is quite noticeable) however they are worse then normal monks when fighting because of their smaller unit size. Depends on your play style but personally I'll stick to using my other monk units.

Finally there are the Shimazu heavy gunners and all I can say is wow. These guys are amazingly good at killing sporting good armor, high morale and the ability to shoot off multiple rounds very fast with high power bullets that can eat through any armor and an accuracy better then any gun or arrow. Ranked fire and skirmishing are also a very nice addition. The bullets these guys shoot can also go through about 3 units, so its amazingly deadly against packed foes. The only ting bad about them is their range, being a little under the range of bow ashigaru bow units will get a headstart on firing at you but that should be expected if you've used other matchlock units. They do come a bit pricey at 1100 koku, but used effectively they can be a great value. I would definitely pay the 3.25 for these guys alone.

I added a few replays showing off the abilities of these units. if you want to see them you have to drag and drop them to;

For Vista/Win 7;

C:\Users\Your Username Here\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\replays

It would be helpful if someone could provide the XP/Mac address for the replays as I don't know them

After you have dragged and dropped the replays start the game and under single player go to battle replays. Pick the replay you wish to see and enjoy a video at your own pace with full control of the camera.

Help expanding this would be greatly appreciated, leave you input in the comments below and I'll add if I think it's good and give you credit.

This is an active project so check back soon for more units.
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