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BATTLE AI Disengaging and re-engaging units

I've noticed that after the ancestral update in open battles, after the AI has committed troops in the main battle line, it starts to order them to move behind their lines (even if theres only 1 unit engaged), then wheels around and quickly orders a charge against the enemy. While this makes sense in some cases (if the AI has more than enough units engaged in a fight), in others it leaves their units scattered all over the place, vulnerable to cavalry charges.
Over the Alps perhaps!
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  • happycompyhappycompy Registered Users Posts: 355
    Completely agree. I've noticed this too. Seems to make them take excessive losses.
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  • AveMetalAveMetal Registered Users Posts: 6
    Please CA solve this soon because this problem is ruining all the battles. It doesn't make sense to see the enemies disengage combat wheter they are winning or loosing, without following any criteria, they just run away after been fighting for a while. Also with this maneuver the casualities increases so fast that it automatically sentences the battle.
  • LeoAKDLeoAKD Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same problem!! Please CA fix this issue....
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