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Zeal, Authority, and Cunning

FERRDO#2853FERRDO#2853 Registered Users Posts: 4
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
In the AU Beta, there have been many references across the revamped character intrigues and skills to our three character stats: zeal, cunning, and authority.

I don't have screenshots at the moment, but intrigues for example may require "two more authority than the target character's zeal," all written in uniform white text. Intrigues are not the only areas this occurs, but in skill effect descriptions also. This can be clunky and tough to discern from a UI standpoint. I would like to see at least color coding of words (authority in yellow and zeal in red), with some "+2" and "+1," or possibly even the inclusion of the color-coded icons (fist, eye, eagle.)

Congrats though on a fantastic beta patch, and here's to the final product.


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