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Issue with the testudo formation animation

lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Registered Users Posts: 285
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
Problem statement:

Testudo animation is occasionally automatically toggled and replaced with the taunting animation. Please notice that the unit on the screenshots is in testudo:



It looks like it happens when there's enemy in the close range although I am not entirely sure. There was supposed to be a melee engagement happening about 30-40 ft. to the right from the unit, which I failed to capture on the screenshot, but can be visible by the direction of the enemy missiles.

5 seconds later the testudo animation is re-enabled:


Expected behavior:

The testudo animation should not be replaced with the taunting animation when the soldiers are in testudo.

Personal analysis of the issue:

It seems to me this generally happens when there's enemy in the close proximity (30-40 ft.). For some reason the taunting animation gets triggered. Once the event that triggers the taunting animation is no longer in place (i.e. enemy moves out of the proximity), the testudo animation is back on.
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