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Government Type Suggestion

RonBurgundy#6586RonBurgundy#6586 Registered Users Posts: 2,355
edited July 2018 in Ancestral Update Support
I know this is unlikely to make it to the final build of the patch but just throwing this out there:

Looking at all of the different government types, it is clear that empire is the best out of all of them. Any chance we could have them tweaked so players can choose the government type that best suits their play style rather than just going for empire every time?

Team Mercia

Team Picts

Team WRE


  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    Thank you for your feedback. It is intended for the empire to be the ultimate goal, that everyone strives to achieve and we have no intention of changing that.

    You should not have any trouble modding government efects to your liking.
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