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Bug still not fixed CAI with armies doing nothing

LESAMA#5456LESAMA#5456 Registered Users Posts: 2,210

Hi, for turn in a row the Gaul full stack army is doing nothing while it's at war with multiple nations but not the two which it currently is next to. I encounter this problem to often with full stacks doing nothing on the campaign map while there regions are being slaughtered. Really kills the whole game experience.


  • CA_GrimfeldCA_Grimfeld Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 291
    Unfortunately, we did not have the time to address many issues with the campaign AI and this is one of them.
  • LESAMA#5456LESAMA#5456 Registered Users Posts: 2,210
    Shouldn’t this be priority over launching a new map? I would have been happy to pay for the ancestral update with a better working ai for one.

    Anyway could you guys also look at the routing units during battles? Currently they have no banner which makes it very hard to spot them. In later titles this was fixed with the units banner turning white.

    Also if a unit flees from a battle with buildings they become one big line spaghetti line of running men which doesn’t look very authentic. Pathfinding is not ideal.
  • wil07012wil07012 Registered Users Posts: 75
    I would rather not pay for patches to the game. Patching the game while adding content makes more sense since they have to pay the developers somehow.
  • LESAMA#5456LESAMA#5456 Registered Users Posts: 2,210
    wil07012 said:

    I would rather not pay for patches to the game. Patching the game while adding content makes more sense since they have to pay the developers somehow.

    I agree but the ancestral update introduced the family tree and some new stuff to the game. New mechanics would make perfect sense to pay for. Don't know if you've played Paradox games like EUIV but they don't seem to do anything else than adding payed content to their base game.
  • wil07012wil07012 Registered Users Posts: 75
    edited August 2018
    EUIV has a DLC which improves AI? I'm okay with adding paid content like to a game but improving AI should be something that comes in a patch for the game, not behind a paywall. Maybe I misunderstood but I read your comment as if you would be happy to pay for a DLC with a better working AI.
  • Whiskeyjack_5691#3558Whiskeyjack_5691#3558 Registered Users Posts: 4,249
    Personally, I would pay for a big DLC that expands or adds new mechanics and features, as opposed to the traditional DLC that adds units, factions or campaigns. But there are an awful lot of people who would utterly crucify CA if they did that, on the grounds that they're "locking mechanics that should be in the base game behind a paywall!". Cue the tirade of "CA being greedy/next EA".

    As LESAMA mentioned, Paradox does something similar with a lot of it's DLC's, but they do catch a lot of criticism for it. Now, granted there is the argument to be made that Paradox's DLC's are more expansive and game changing than what we typically see from CA in Total War.

    I do agree with wil07012, though; improving the AI is something that should be part of a patch - in fact, it should be part of basic support for the game over it's lifespan, not a DLC.
  • LESAMA#5456LESAMA#5456 Registered Users Posts: 2,210
    Yeah, paradox is being criticized for it but people buy it anyway. If it’s hoi4 or eu4 they do it every time. Expand the core game with new mechanics. Off course people will say that ca leaves things out but that same people should realize how a company works. It all about budgets. So much you can fit in a launch for a 59,- game

    Like whiskey jack I would be willing to pay for dlc’s which add nice new mechanics that deepen the game’s experience. It’s nice to see a empire of sands dlc but what about a total diplomacy dlc or a expanded vassal experience dlc a trade empire dlc? Yeah I’m not being original :)

    In the end it all depends wether the price fits the need. If ca than brings that enhanced experience over to new games it’s a win win for everyone.

    Agreed that ai improvements or patches should not be charged.
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