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Small suggestions for UI improvements

LESAMALESAMA MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2,012
First thanks for the update. Makes me want to play Rome II again.

Some suggestions below based on my current playthroughs:
-During battle show in the power bar below the number of man on each side left (like in later total war titles)
-After a battle show in the battle report the number of man left in the armies (like in later total war titles)
-On the campaign map when clicking a region light up the other regions in that province (ToB style)
-Give a notification each turn which characters can have a promotion (we now have to click on each character just to see if they can be promoted or not which is tedious micromanagement)
-When clicking on the forces tab on the campaign map also show enemy forces present in your territory
-In the diplomacy screen show the number of regions each faction has (like in later total war titles)
-In the diplomacy screen show the strength rank of each nation (like in later total war titles)
-Although not related to the UI add the diplomatic option to send a gift (small/medium/large) like in later titles


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