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Three Severe Spy Bugs

ItharusItharus Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 11,214
1) When you sabotage an enemy army, there's a message that "This Army Cannot Reinforce" --- this is BROKEN. The army can INDEED REINFORCE. This is kind of a gamebreaker as this is more or less a spy's main purpose -- it's ability to section up the enemy so that you can engage stacks individually.

2) Steal Food does not actually steal food. While you do indeed gain food, the targeted province does NOT lose food. So there's no chance of making the enemy "enter starvation" as the tooltip would indicate.

3) The movement speed reduction from sabotaging enemy armies? Does not seem to apply at all. It's listed, sure, but it's not actually taking effect. Also, the impact (as listed, not that it matters since it doesn't take effect) seems very low -- in the range of 30% movement reduction even with high cunning. Also, I've never seen a critical result that (allegedly) stops movement -- was that one removed?

While all three are bad, number one seems the most horribly broken. Enemy armies that were sabotaged can reinforce both other enemy armies and settlements -- despite the big ol' red texted "this army cannot reinforce".


  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 4,159
    I think all of these have already been fixed for the full release.
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,214
    I truly hope so, but figured I'd be remiss if I didn't mention them.

    As a bonus bug, diplomats stealing income from enemy settlements doesn't seem to be working either... they don't lose money and you certainly don't get any.
  • ca_dionissievca_dionissiev Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 178
    Hi @Itharus

    As @Whiskeyjack_5691 mentioned - we have addressed and fixed the first two concerns you have raised. As for the third one - the design team feel that 30 % reduction is good enough.
    Regarding your concern that the effect is not applied - we haven't encountered such a problem - the movement points bar will be displayed as full, but the movement points available will be reduced. So the army will not reach as far as it would if no sabotage has taken place. I know it is counterintuitive, unforutnately it turned out there is no reasonable way to fix it.

    Hope that this helps!
    Ivan Dionisiev
    CA Sofia QA Team

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  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,214
    I think it's an issue with forced march overriding it then. Cuz even if I sabotage them while my army is as close as possible and they march off... I can't catch them.

    Maybe the skill should disable forced march?
  • wil07012wil07012 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 75
    Yeah I think the issue is with forced march. You can slow them down with sabotage but it's not usually enough to be able to catch them. When they use forced march they get more of a movement bonus than they lost with the sabotage, and you can't attack in forced march.
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