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Ancestral update problem

lorrennzzolorrennzzo Registered Users Posts: 2
So i downloaded the ancestral update and everything was going fine until steam told me there was some kind of error and it could not download, after that if i went to the manage download screen i would get a message saying rome 2 was "validating" and it just kept doing that for hours without doing anything.

When I checked this section again i noticed that there was no network activity just disk activity. Then steam gave me a message saying that one of rome 2's model packs was corrupted (its probably worth mentioning i could not open the game at this point as steam still thought it was downloading).

That was yesterday and after not being able to find any fix on steam or the internet i decided to simply reinstall rome 2, which ive done. I went into rome 2 after the download was finished and I have no ancestral update. Ive verified the files and nothing has changed. Its like steam hasnt registered that the ancestral update is a thing or something.

Id very much like some help here as i straight up have never seen anything like this before and cant find any fix.


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