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TeD Help

AtaeusAtaeus Posts: 5Registered Users
So I've decided to start working on making some new siege maps for the base game since the tool Causeless has made for AE will get a public release eventually. However I'm having some trouble with TeD. There seems to be a real lack of documentation about how to use it, all I have is Doomon's guide which is useful but incomplete. I can't find anything on the Atilla wiki either, Is this iteration of TeD similar enough to the Shogun 2 or Warhammer version that those tutorials are useful?

One of the things that is really bothering me at the moment is getting really low framerates (classic Atilla). In a blank map I'm getting ~50 but after loading up some of CA's maps, they are running at like 5-9 fps which is ridiculous. This is making it harder to investigate how they have out their maps together and is also concerning since my map will at some point contain that many objects too.

So far I haven't tested it but I've done all the terrain, placed all the fort walls (I know there have been issues with this so fingers crossed) and I'm starting the road layout but I'm still really unsure about things like texturing the ground or placing AI paths/zones and making sure the rivers and shallow crossings work as they should.

Thanks for any help in advance
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