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Maybe Silly Question About Mixu's LL

FraxinusFraxinus Posts: 309Registered Users
Hey everyone!

So, I was going to wait for the official release of the Lizardmen DLC, but I got so fed up with CA constantly delaying it and putting other content releases before us that I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was super happy when I found that Mixu's second Legendary Lord pack contained my boy Gor-rok, at the head of the Itza faction - the faction and Lord that I was hoping for the most!

So I started up a Mortal Empires campaign as him, and took a look at his statline. I was... disappointed and confused.

So, Gor-rok is supposed to be this goliath of a Saurus who has gone hand-to-hand with Greater Daemons. I was expecting his stats to be something like Throgg's or Grombrindal's - an absolute monster in melee to make up for the fact that he can't get a mount.

Instead, he had a very lackluster not-quite-3000 health (somewhat laughable when compared to Kroq-Gar's 4700-ish, and almost 6000 on lord like Grombrindal), with very average melee stats and weapon damage for an Oldblood. Am I missing something here, is the UI just displaying wrong, or what?


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