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ClosedAssembly Kit help.

HachirokuHachiroku Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 15
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This is my first post here so I hope I am asking in the proper thread. I was considering asking on the TW center forums but they seem to be less active.
Anyway I have been using the AK for years now without issue and since today I got an error message that msvcr120d.dll was missing and I should reinstall the program. So after reinstalling all versions of MSV from 2005 -2017 I now get mfc120u.dll is missing.
This was not the case before I installed Rise of the Republic but I doubt that is the issue and it must be a coincidence right?
Any tipps or advice would be nice guys, thanks.


As said I have reinstalled all versions of MVC unless you guys see I missed something

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