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Raiding, sacking, trading, and selling prisoners income buffs

kinjokinjo Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,610
I sincerely believe that the income for sacking, raiding, trading, and selling prisoners really needs to be buffed. When you get 75 gold for selling prisoners it really just isn't worth it and the same goes for raiding and sacking. The amounts you get is so little and seems out of proportion in comparison. Going on a campaign to raid and sack a few settlements really doesn't pay in the end as your upkeep will far exceed any profit you would make in such an expeditions you are better off to disband your armies and use the upkeep money to build with. These options should be a viable path to gaining a large amount of wealth and is the area that needs the most attention income wise. Trade resources could also be looked at as even in late game with lots of trade buildings upgraded I am just making about 1000-1500 from trade.


  • clee24clee24 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 78
    As a great viking army faction you can easily get 15k+ for sacking a city, i have gotten 30k+ for sacking a city in later game. If im not playing a viking faction im not so sure i would go on a sacking spree to be honest as i never tried. Raiding should have a bigger impact to be honest.
  • kinjokinjo Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,610
    Sacking is perfect for the for Great viking army factions as they get the 200% buff, raiding and ransoming prisoners definitely needs a buff. The profit for raiding and ransoming prisoners is peanuts, the most I have ever got from prisoners is about 250, but it seem like it averages between 75-150. Selling captives was one of the most lucrative ways to make profit during this period and is even referenced in one of the unit descriptions.
  • billybob1billybob1 Registered Users Posts: 44
    With trade -its often up to 10K for me.. Just remember you need to be at peace with factions to trade and those factions need to be large, at the end game there may not be much area and resources to trade with as you might hold all the area and resources. Also all those 5-15% buffs at ports are multiplicative. But yes raiding and ransoming is pitiful. I have ransomed for 875 though on large battles, but should be higher. At least they have removed the diplomatic penalty.
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