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Sweet Jesus make an interesting game.

John_BonradJohn_Bonrad Registered Users Posts: 1
Love what you do, but damn it fell off for me. I have over a thousand hours put in between Empire and Napoleon. Not ranked your highest? That is ok. I realize you are not here to cater to my desires but you do have a forum so here we go. I stayed with the franchise since Rome I and loved it. Things changed, things were different and more or less complicated. Awesome! When did we hit the wall? The global aspect was awesome, but people did not like micro-managing multiple theaters? YET in Rome II you micromanage what your stupid character likes to eat. Yes that is exaggerated, but who gives a damn about their personality traits? Then Warhammer came out, let's jump on the World of Warcraft/Harry Potter genre to get some cash. Really? This was supposed to grow and be more and more complex. Not tab warfare like Europa Universalis because this title/franchise had more than that. It had all of that good with none of the boring bad of a non-existent live action bit. But lo here we are. I am happy to see a new theatre being introduced like China, but will it continue being Hocus Pocus and just new skins? If I can pick up any new title from y'all and conquer it by just saving money and raising generic non strategic armies something is wrong.

Finally that last statement brings us to the next point. Regarding the live action strategy. No more war of attrition. I do not want a game where more numbers means victory. Too often in this franchise I find that it all comes down to a select all units and right click here then rinse and repeat. Love this franchise more than any other, but damn I want a challenge.

Most important part. You have begun introducing multiplayer. Why is this not retroactive? Some die-hard fans are willing to do anything to play multiplayer but on a title that has since past. Many, I'm sure, are willing to play past titles and PAY MONEY to get the option to multiplayer on those titles. Just a thought if you are money hungry. (Warhammer)

Love you all, keep up the work.


  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 3,137
    Yeah, I think it all comes down to preferences. Many people including me loves warhammer and were itching for a fantasy total war. I personally don't give a damn about Empire or Napoleon, but you don't see me on the forum spitting on those games.

    It's unfortunate that you don't like the recent settings, but many people do. Do you realize how long people were chanting for Total War China?

    As for the depths of the recent games, I can't argue there. At least it's still a work in progress.
  • NeutronStarNeutronStar Registered Users Posts: 118
    edited September 2018
    Yep, another pseudo elitist.

    As Fossoway puts it that's your opinion, and a rather funny one. At the end of the day your are still playing a video game, pretending to be a general/governor, so please no need for your high horses.

    I agree that the games have been losing in depth and realism with recent entries (sieges with Warhammer, too quick battles, no flags or drummers etc etc...)

    However you need to realize that most people who enjoy Total War Warhammer also want more complexity. If CA made those changes to cater to us they were misguided.

    I've been playing since medieval 1 as an 11 year old, I was already a big fan of history at the time, with countless books ranging from ancient egypt to the napoleonic wars, and I love TWW.
  • KyzarkonKyzarkon Registered Users Posts: 42
    Cool, a couch commander elitist.

    You do realize YOU are FANTASIZING about being on par or greater that historic generals.

    Watch out for those cannonballs of broken logic and painful reality. They might knock you off your intrepid steed.
  • daelin4daelin4 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,419
    So you want them to make a better game, but won't tell them what it would look like, just to look at a game that's about ten years old?

    Got it, another complainer who doesn't even know what they want. A dime a dozen.

    Corrected action is the most sincere form of apology.
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