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ERROR: Failed to find required save game. {CONSISTENT BUG}

CanadianNewbCanadianNewb Posts: 35Registered Users
Below is a screenshot of a bug in multiplayer campaign where no matter which map, and who hosts between specific friends AND with CONFIRMED ZERO MODS on either end. I play with several friends all the time (~1000+ hours each) and this problem never occurs EXCEPT with few SPECIFIC individuals where no matter who hosts when the campaign is saved (either by autosave or custom save) the campaign can never again be loaded without this error message. Please look into this and fix!!


  • ns2hivesight@gmail.com[email protected] Posts: 100Registered Users
    Take the saves from your folder (hosts to be more accurate) and send them to the said friend and let him put it in same location.

    I had 2 PCs (due to work locations)on which I played WH and that was only way when I moved was to get a save file so I could carry on on a 2nd PC a game that was in progress.
  • GhostwolfeGhostwolfe Posts: 4Registered Users
    I am having this exact problem.

    I purchased a second copy of both games so that my son's steam account has them and we could play together. Now, after trying to reload our game, we get this error.

    How do we even find the host's saved files to send to the other computer? Since this is a steam game I can't find them on mine,

    This needs to be fixed.
  • Sleepy_GamerSleepy_Gamer Posts: 1Registered Users
    My friend and I have a cooperative campaign and when we try load it up it says "Failed to find save game". So I sent him mine (since I'm the host) and he put it in %AppData% - The Creative Assembly - Total Warhammer 2 - save_games_multiplayer. It still doesn't work. Has this ever been fixed?
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