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AI behavior and it's patterns

ShorishaShorisha Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
Hello folks!
Finally, after so many years I dared to register myself here. Some questions about AI really bothered me for many years. I am pretty sure that there are many people who can give a good answers and workarounds about this issues. I played this game many years ago and suddenly I noticed that it can be purchased via Steam with the final official expansion. I dreamt about it for almost a decade. But I remembered that I had several major complaints which really dissapointed me many years ago. All of this complaints were towards AI and it's dissapointing behavior. So now I am pondering over the purchase of the exact Steam edition. Here are my questions:

1) Does the AI utilizing all of the game's features? I meant that I am not asking if he is doing it good or bad I just want to know if it uses them at all. For example, I remember that I was really dissapointed that the AI didn't knew how to hire mercenaries and that was only fixed in Rome: Total War which was awesome game but had it's own flaws. I've heard that some folks drastically changed AI behavior in some Russian Expansion unofficial mod. Don't know if it is true or not though. Also there were tons of agents in the game and the AI never used some of their awesome skills as far as I remember. Unfortunately I don't remember it quite well.

2) Can I manually change some files to force AI to utilize all of the game's features? Or maybe there are some files that were already prepared exists?

Thanks a lot for an honest answers!
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