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Slaanesh Line Cinema presents: "My Brother is an Only Child"

Gotrek_BeastslayerGotrek_Beastslayer Posts: 1,094Registered Users


I didn't show the username of this asinine mortal in order to prevent any possible flame war. Jeez, don't ask, bois... :#

WH Novels:

- Vampire Wars: The Von Carstein Trilogy: 10/10
- Gilead's Blood: 8/10
- Riders of the Dead: 9/10
- Empire in Chaos: 9/10
- Mark of Damnation: 7.5/10
- Mark of Heresy: 7/10
- G&F: Trollslayer: 6.5/10
- G&F: Skavenslayer: 9.5/10
- G&F: Daemonslayer: 10/10
- G&F: Dragonslayer: 8/10
- G&F: Beastslayer: 8.5/10
- G&F: Vampireslayer: 7/10
- G&F: Giantslayer: 7.5/10


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